Norton Antivirus 2014 Free Download 180 Days Product Key / Serial Number

Here’s an offer to get a free 180 day trial subscription to Norton Antivirus 2014. If you just need a temporary AV solution or want an extended time trial period this is a great offer for an excellent piece of software.

This offer is actually a tiny bit of trickery as you’ll download the Norton Antivirus 2012 edition then upgrade to the newly released 2014. As I’ve mention before, the version of the software doesn’t matter, it’s the key that’s important. You use 2012 to get the and set the subscription period. One that’s done you’re free to upgrade and use the newest version.

This is for new customers only so if you already have an account you’ll need to make a new one.

To get your copy of Norton Antivirus 2014, visit the Facebook promo page and download and install Norton Antivirus 2012. Once that’s complete you’ll be directed to the Norton registration site. Once you enter you account information you’ll find the product registration or serial key. You can either copy this down or simply upgrade to Norton 2014.

As I said, the subscription period is the important part.

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