Adding Hemingway Editor to my bag of tricks

Even though it’s an older app, I’ve added Hemingway Editor to my writing tools. This may also prompt the question, but why do that when you have PaperEdit? While they are similar, PaperEdit is more suited to fiction writing, with Hemingway Editor more suited to business/article writing. I’ve put Hemingway Editor to work on my resume and other business emails. The focus is on short, tight, active word sentences. The very thing when looking for a new job. I’ve spent a lot of time writing and rewriting sentences to make them as efficient as possible. PaperEdit does a lot of these same tasks, but it’s not as strict with word choice. For example, Hemingway Editor tags “multiple” as having a simpler alternative. PaperEdit does not. I don’t see that a limitation, but a difference in usage and audience. That’s why I see Hemingway Editor as business centric and PaperEdit as fiction centric. They both work really well, but suit different kinds of writing styles. For business, I want to get to the point. For creative […]

Random IP Address from Keyboard Maestro into AdGuard

The first question you may ask is, why?To retort, why not? AdGuard for Mac is the best Ad/Tracker blocker I’ve used. Among it’s great features is the ability to send a bogus IP address to servers. This helps to obscure your location. It throws of advertising and tracking data. While not foolproof, it works well enough that I have it turned on and change my IP address on a regular basis. To that end, I made an amusing Keyboard Maestro macro to generate a random IP for somewhere in the world and copy it to the clipboard. All I have to do is paste it into AdGuard and let the confusion ensue. I could type a random address or increment one of the octets, but where’s the fun in that? This is a job for Keyboard Maestro. The macro has 3 parts. It picks the first octet using the RAND function. Since there are reserved addresses, if it happens to pick one of these, a new value is chosen. It then picks a random value […]

New site name. New look.

With the old name coming to an end, it was time to head in a new direction. That has lead to a new name and a new look. This also allows for an upgrade to PHP, WordPress, new plugins and dozens of changes under the hood. So far all the content is still there, but I have no doubt some things are missing or broken. I should get them ironed out in due course. If anything is horribly broken, I should get an email about it. For the short term, don’t be surprised is something changes from one refresh to another. There is lots of tinkering going on. Much experimentation is afoot. Lots of flicking levers. It’s looking pretty good so far, and should be stable by the end of the week. Time to move ahead with fun things related to the Mac, macOS, automation, software, and productivity.

Time for another Bundlehunt sale!

The sales at are always worth checking out with quality software at heavy discounts. And today marks the start of a new sale. There are over 40 apps on offer, with these as some solid standouts. Textsniper Amberlight 2 Timemator Rocket Typist McPlanner MindMap These are useful apps regardless of the work you do. Further, Amberlight is ton of fun to work with. I use it regularly to make abstract wallpaper. Other apps of note are: Aftershot Pro Network Radar Eaglefiler MyDraw If you an interest in any of these, the "Unlock" price is only (2.5, down from the normal )5. It's a good time to pick up some new apps for the new year. Bundlehunt

How To Create a Ram Drive Using Keyboard Maestro

While it may not be common on most computers, I am a fan of using a RAM drive. For my work Mac, this is where all my music plays from. I also play desktop videos such as beach scenes to create a festive atmosphere. I use the RAM drive to save wear on the spinning disk. Although I have a 3TB data drive for the purpose, there is no reason to play 8 hours of music, all day, every day, from a disk when memory is more efficient. In order to create a RAM drive, you need a lot of RAM. Setting one up on an 8GB machine will lead to tears. Lots of RAM is one of the reasons I love these older model Mac Pros. I can allocate 6-8GB of RAM without issue. Although it’s a rarity, when the Mac needs to reboot, such as a security update, the RAM drive disappears. After the reboot, the RAM drive has to be recreated and the files recopied. Not a big deal, but why do […]