How To Disable the Quicken Registration Prompt

I’ve been upgrading and installing software on my new machine this weekend and with that I moved away from the now defunct Microsoft Money to Quicken 2010. Personally I think the interface and other features of Quicken are quite quirky, but that’s neither here nor there. One is supported and the other is a steamy pile (even though the UI is better). Anyway, after importing everything and setting up new accounts Quicken throws up this incredibly annoying screen that says I need to register to actually use their program to download my bank info. Excuse me? WTF? I have to make an account with you to use this program? (Yet another online account I will never actually use?) That doesn’t fly. I have all my bank details and credit card info in here and now you want me to basically send that to you? I think not.

Just as I was about to remove it and write a terse vulgarity filled email I came across the answer: Disable Quicken Registration Prompt

Simply put, hold down the left CTRL + Shift keys and click the Update button toward the top. You’ll immediately get a confirmation that you are turning off the registration prompts and won’t be prompted to register anymore. But you can still get bank updates like you expect. Hopefully this little trick will keep working (I just did it in the 2010 version). I don’t really like registering software and giving companies more details about me.

Let me know about your successes.

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18 Responses to How To Disable the Quicken Registration Prompt

  • W says:

    It works with Quicken 2011. Thanks for the advice.

  • Jeff says:

    How can I bring back the “registration” item in the help menu?

  • GG says:

    Thank you so much! I was having a problem getting past the Registration screen with a “please wait while Microsoft Windows configures Quicken 2010” followed by some Error 1721 Windows Installer error, so couldn’t ever get registered (hence, no updates). This trick worked to just bypass that whole mess and get me my updates — after at least an hour of searching for fixes, your quick tip did the trick!! Thanks!

  • Frank says:

    I have an OLD Quicken (98) That works just fine thank you. It’s years old, I know, but it’s perfect for what I do. Had to re-install. NOW they will not give me a Reg. number. Want me to spend $100.oo for a new one. Well, they can kiss my Mouse !! I’ve tried the CTRL+SHIFT. Can’t seem to get it to work. Don’t have an UPDATE button. Guess I’ll keep going to Quicken.ini and setting the usage timer back to =0. WHAT A HASSLE. ! My wife says I gripe too much….. THERE’S A LOT TO GRIPE ABOUT…. Wow.. ! Got that off my Chest. Think I’ll go have a Dr. Pepper to celebrate.
    Tightwad in Apple Valley

  • Peter says:

    Locate quicken.ini (find it in windows search) – Alternatively, if you look for file using windows explorer the file is simply labelled “QUICKEN”) Change properties of this file to “read only.” This worked immediately for me.

    I haven’t yet figured out how to disable the Quicken Tips window that pops up each time I open the program – but I can live with that. Quicken is such a piece of ****. Shame on them and the whole Intuit empire. To have to resort to 17 year old software just to get something that works without bugs and outright mathematical errors. Unbelievable!

  • Gina says:

    Quicken 2008 = CTRL + SHIFT, then click on “ONLINE” | ONE STEP UPDATE (Not Tools)

  • Ricardo says:

    Just purchased the Quicken Home and Business 2016, CTL + Shift then One Step Update does not work. If anybody comes across a new way to disable the registration please let me know, thanks!

    • Peter says:

      Save yourself lots of aggravation and install an ancient version of Quicken (I use 2006.) The more recent versions are so buggy as to be inaccurate. Each new one is worse than the previous. If downloading from bank isn’t essential, you will be much happier with the old stuff.

  • teddibier says:

    What you say is correct except in the case where you have downloaded a file and is already in your “Downloads” folder and you want to call that up to be opened by the Quicken Program. It does not open without the same “registration required” reappearing.

  • Jack Woltz says:

    Worked great but now I get update nag which is worse

  • Richard says:

    I have Quicken 2016 Home & Business and when I use Shift + CTRL I can’t see any Tools option; All I can see is the original menu items of File & About.

    Might you be able to offer any advice?

  • Jeremy says:

    Thank you so so so much. I am still using Quicken 2010 because Intuit didn’t want to properly support users abroad anymore (never mind that they only link to US banks for transaction downloads; they didn’t want my money for the upgrade at all). With a new computer, I was keen to get it set up but couldn’t stand the thought of dismissing the registration message every time. Thanks again!!

  • Ken says:

    This didn’t work for me. I have 2006. I installed on a new laptop. I must have registered before, don’t remember. I tried to register this time, but got an error message. I’d rather not registered, though. I use Quicken as more of a glorified check register, so really updated and downloading info isn’t important to me.

  • Stewart says:

    I have been using Quicken 200 basic since it was introduced but I now have a new PC using windows 10 and can’t get rid of the registration prompt. I have tried the above control/shift trick but to no avail.
    Any ideas

  • Susan Long says:

    I have Quicken personal 2012 which I only use to enter and retrieve data. It suits my needs perfect. Now they have blocked my access and want me to re register. I don’t want to upgrade as it I am comfortable with this version. How can I get beyond and into my quicken. I never connect to internet for banking while using it . Tried lots of suggestions before the deadline ran out but nothing worked. It comes up with renew registration yes or no and when I click no, denies me access. Any help apreciated thanks.

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