Ashampoo Bundle System Utilities 13–Winoptimzer, Uninstaller, HDD Control

With Spring Cleaning comes the time to dig through your system and clean out some of those old files and programs you no longer need. Ashampoo has a bundle offer to help with the task and it comes with a really good price. The Bundle System Utilities 13 contains Winoptimizer to help clean out old files, Uninstaller which can be used to remove programs you no longer need and monitor new ones as you go forward, and HDD Control to keep an eye on your drives so you don’t suffer from data loss, a problem I seem to keep running into as I add more and more drives to my system.

Even at the lowest discount price, all three apps would be around $36. However, with this bundle, you can get all three for less than half of that. Using the link below, you can get all three for $19, or just over $6 a piece. That is a really good deal.

Ashampoo Bundle System Utilities 13–Winoptimzer, Uninstaller, HDD Control

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Breevy and DisplayFusion as part of the Humble Bundle

For those that are interested, you can get the Text Expansion tool Breevy, and the multiple monitor tool, DisplayFusion for less than $8 during the current Humble Bundle sale.

If you’re not familiar, Breevy is a great text expansion tool for Windows. While the Mac has multiple choices for this sort of software, Windows is lagging pretty far behind. However, Breevy is a solid entry and normally sells for $35 on it’s own. To get it for less than $8 is a steal!

Text expansion tools are great for creating shortcuts keys to frequently used phrases. Or, you can use acronyms and get the complete title spelled out. You can easily see this with games. For example, NFS for Need for Speed. Or SotA for Shroud of the Avatar. Now you can type that acronym and get the whole title spelled out for you. They’re also very convenient when filling in boilerplates.

DisplayFusion is the tool to have installed when working with multiple monitors. You can snap windows to a certain location, have Taskbars on each screen, set wallpaper for each monitor, align windows in specific configurations and a slew of other features. To put it bluntly, DisplayFusion should be built straight into Windows. However, you can pick up a copy for a great price.

There are other tools in the bundle, but to me, these are the best ones to have.

The sale runs for a few days so you should have plenty of time to grab a few licenses.

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Save 60% on everything during the O&O Cyber Monday Week

So there are plenty of Defrag and Internet cache cleaning tools out there, but if you don’t already have something in your toolbox, then O&O is offering a sweet deal. You can pick up their highly usable Defrag tool or go All-In and grab a PowerPack which features Defrag, SafeErase, DiskImage and AutoBackup.

Since I already have CCleaner Professional Plus, I’m covered on most fronts, however, the PowerPack is still a great bundle since you get O&O DiskImage which I use to make an image of my C:\ drive on a weekly basis and AutoBackup which I use to sync external hard drives. The PowerPack is a 3 computer license so that’s nice.

If you want to just grab an individual product, you still get 60% off. If you don’t have it, I would say invest in O&O DiskImage. It works extremely well, and I’ve used it to restore a failed drive and was back up and running pretty quickly. The copy process took a long time since I was using 3TB drives, but that’s just the amount of data to copy and has nothing to do with the software.

Pretty good deal and last through the end of the month. Use coupon CYBERWEEK15 at

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My Choices for Best Software of 2013

We’re coming to the end of the year and that of course means lists! Lists for the best and worst of everything. And I would be remiss if I didn’t offer up my own list of some of the best stuff out there. With so much amazing (and crap) software out there it’s hard to know what to download and install. It can also be an overwhelming blur of what’s good and what’s hype. So in the tradition of year end lists, here are some of the best that I’ve come across this year.

These are "general" types of tools. They aren’t geared toward solving a particular problem or toward a specific group. These are apps that everyone can benefit from. You may not use them everyday, but more than likely you will come across a need for them. I’ve included some "must have" apps for the iPad. These are apps I use with great frequency.

Norton Internet Security 2013 – Protect your system and protect yourself. Excellent anti-virus and firewall and you can always find a good deal.

SuperAntiSpyware or MalwareBytes – Always have a backup plan when it comes to Spyware. Both of these are fast, efficient and trustworthy. If NIS doesn’t catch it first, rely on these as your second line of defense.

RoboForm – Store all your passwords and credit card information. Makes filling out forms a snap. All my account info is safely stored away and I can log into every website with ease. A must have for the online traveler.

Ccleaner – Clean out all those leftover and unnecessary files. A tidy machine is a safe machine.

XYPlorer – What the Windows File Explorer should have been. Incredibly powerful, incredibly fast. You’ll never use another file management tool again.

TeraCopy – What the Windows File Copy function should have been. Handle large files, bad network, thousands of files in a batch or copy an external drive with confidence.

Index Your Files – Got files? Index them. Finding files on a single 3TB drive is hard enough, think about 10 of them. And my file library is ever growing. I need this to find out where I put things. Brilliant and free!

WinRAR – The only archive tool worth having. Yes Winzip is good, but WinRAR is better. It handles everything.

DisplayFusion – If you have multiple monitors you need to manage them with DisplayFusion. End of story. Incredibly useful. I can’t use my machines without it.

Irfanview – If you ever look at a downloaded image, do it with Irfanview. This is the de-facto standard for file viewing. View, crop, convert, rotate, enhance, resize, capture. Always updated. Always free.

FastStone Image Viewer – Need to sort through thousands of images? As the name implies, it’s fast, makes viewing folders of images easy and comes with a slew of tools for rotate, resize, move, copy, tag, batch convert, adjust and so much more. If you have image collections, Image Viewer will help you.

Corel Paint Shop Pro – Simple photo editing done right. You can rotate or crop a picture as easily as you can build multiple layers and use masks. If you move beyond Irfanview, steps into Paint Shop Pro.

Freemake Video Converter/Video Downloader – If you ever have to convert, crop or download a video, these are the tools for you. Incredibly easy to use and extremely powerful. If you want to get movies on your iPad you’ll end up with these eventually.

Audials One – Find, record and play just about everything the world has to offer. Listen to radio stations from around the world, record what you hear. Watch streaming media and capture it for later. This is an amazing tool. I never cease to be amazed with the entertainment I can find with this.

Ashampoo Burning Studio – If you need to make CD/DVD/Blu Ray discs, this is the tool for the job. Dead simple and accurate. It’s a 3 click process to make a disc, what could be easier than that?

Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 – Install what you want then make it all go away. Log every program you install so you can remove all traces later. Keep your system clean after playtime.

Dropbox – It’s the Cloud. Transfer files across machines and devices, make backups and keep things safe. I love Dropbox and use it all the time. Such a great way to keep your files in sync.

OneNote – Simply the best tool for writing and note taking. Down played by Microsoft, but loved by those of us who use it. Write down an idea, make a ToDo list, scribble a drawing or plan, organize and write a first draft. OneNote can handle all of it. If you gather information or do a lot of writing OneNote is a must.

AllMyNotes Organizer – Note quite the little brother of OneNote, but a damn good companion. It’s fantastic when you write repeatedly short notes or emails and then delete them. I use this for my tech work to copy and paste computer output before sending off a response. Handles RTF and screenshots with ease. Keeps things organized in folders in case you do find yourself repeating yourself. Makes a nice Journal tool as well.

FocusWriter – Excellent multi-tabbed RTF editor. When you don’t need the power of Word and want to focus on the draft at hand, this is an amazing tool.

Notepad++ – The standard in text editors. Need to clean up or make plain text? Here you go. Also great for coding as it understands PHP, HTML, ASP and lots of others. Always have it open and at the ready.

Kingsoft Office Professional Suite 2013 – The dependency on Word and Office has come to an end. A fantastic alternative at fraction of the price. Supports all the formatting, tables, TOC, headers, footers and page numbering you could need. For some people there is still a need for Word. For those that are tired of Word getting in the way of itself Kingsoft is a must.

Cailbre – Got Books? In today’s world of PDF, TXT, .ePub, .Mobi and who knows what else, you need a way to store and organize them all. Calibre is just that tool. Convert between formats and make any book available on your mobile device. You can even make all your store bought books available on any device. Amazing piece of software. And even better because it’s free.

Pandora – Say what you will, I like it.

Best Apps for the iPad

Goodreader – Read PDF, TXT, DOC and everything else in one place. Also watch movies and listen to music. Copy to and from your machine wirelessly and get files from Dropbox. Brilliant!

AirDisk Pro – Get anything on or off your iPad wirelessly. Drag and drop through your browser. Even if the iPad can’t read it, it can still store it. Turns the iPad or iPod into a nice thumbdrive.

Notebooks for iPad – Amazing text editor that supports TXT, RTF and HTML. Organize your writing into folders like you see in OneNote. Incredibly fast and powerful. The best editor for the iPad.

Voice Dream – Turn every book or document into an audiobook. Listen to any written text while you tackle any chore.

AppShopper – Keep track of updates, price drops and the top selling apps. Save yourself some money and download this free app.

Camera+ – Far superior version of the built in camera app. Crop, enhance, use FX, image stabilizer and color enhance. Line up and level your shot with the grid and level. There’s so much you can do without ever leaving the app.

Dead Man’s Draw – One of my favorite games of the year. It’s so nice to have a card game that isn’t Texas Hold Em!

Ace Patrol – Easy to pick up aerial combat. Fly missions, dog fight, destroy enemy bases and make daring raids behind enemy lines. So simple, yet so much fun.

Dirt 2 – I love playing in the Dirt. Ken Block says that could have gone smoother, but it was a perfectly valid maneuver!

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Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 Full Version as a Free Download

While doing some research last night on Kingsoft I found a way to get their entire Office Suite 2013 Professional for free. No, it’s not some hacked or torrent version, but a fully legal copy direct from the vendor themselves. They’re very keen to get their product in the hands of many people as possible and even offer the entire Suite for Free. The only real limitation is saving in Word 2007/2010 format. I usually save in the generic TXT format, but if you need the additional formats you can download a Free Giveaway version that has the new file formats as well as the VBA macro language.

Quite simply, click this link, download Kingsoft Office 2013 Professional and install it. They CD key/Serial number is embedded and the full featured program is ready to go.

I did indeed download my copy and now have the Professional version installed. All the features are available and can be used. There is no Trial Edition banner listed anywhere and the save to Word 2010 worked fine.

Since this is a Giveaway version it may not qualify for updates, support and shouldn’t count toward discount pricing. But you’ll have an excellent alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite to use. One that loads faster and takes up a fraction of the space. You can’t really complain about that.

Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 Professional with embedded serial number

You can also go to the giveaway page here and fill in the form to get the free download link. Please enter a valid Email address in order to get the download link. This will put you on their mailing list, but it will probably net you some steep discounts.

To give proper credit, this information and link was found through the website.

Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 Free Full Version 1 Year Serial Key


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