Loot Drops for the last few hours of Season Surprise Event – Crime City

I just saw this list and got both the -10% Build Time and the -50% Bank Deposit. I had no idea these were out there, so pick and choose what you want. They don’t stack so once you get an item move on to something else. Getting a second won’t help. Get it on! Loot drops are back for those that didn’t get them the first time!!! Mods dropping from maps: 1) Club District     Dick Wicked     The Corpse Maker     +50% cash from robberies     (5×136)     -OR-     Restaurant Row     Chef Roussel     (3×118) 2) Liberty Park     Nicky Kneecaps     Street Demon     -10% build time     (3×72)     -OR-     The Waterfront     Ice Cream Shop     (1×12) 3) South End Projects     Viper Lee     Blackout Rpg     +30% Jobs Payout     (6×120)     -OR-     Artist Quarter     Agent Logan     (2×88)     -OR-     Westside     Ronnie Cohen     (4×124) 4) South End Projects     Chazmo Parker     Crazy Hit Runner     +20% Car Attack     […]

Epic Boss Event Prizes and Syndicate Rewards – Crime City

It’s a relentless stream of events in Crime City, almost to the point of being monotonous and a grind, but the prizes have been pretty high end. The pace is pretty grueling, but these rewards have had a big impact on my character. Not to mention this latest Epic Boss Event and the tiered reward structure. I got my 100 wins in within 48 hours. Life and work got in the way of me completing the 24, but I’m not going to quibble. I’ve managed to pick up the big gun, the big car, another big gun and now 4 of the Specter Faulds. Not a bad haul over these last few events, but damn I wish Gree would take a break. Do we really have to multiple event running every day of the week? Come on, how about some down time? How about just one event a week and maybe you take a week off? I’m all for playing this game, but damn, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Epic Loot from the Epic Boss Thomas P Stanton – Crime City

We did another great job of kicking the @#$% out of Thomas P Stanton and achieved both the Syndicate goal of 300 kills over the 4 days and the Individual victory of 100 kills. With that I grabbed the Stanton Glasses and the Stanton Knuckles. That’s an impressive combination. Level 100 was a bit of a pain as it took 7 FA hits to take him down – a lot more than I expected. I almost immediately coupled this with the 187 Blaster from the Syndicate battle. Hell, I didn’t even know this was a reward. I was just deploying troops when this popped up out of nowhere. Seemed almost too easy to be honest., but hey I won’t complain. It has nice stats and I will certainly take the -1% Bank Deposit Fee Reduction reward. Speaking of, a lot of people say to keep cash on hand rather than putting it in the bank. That seems like a dangerous game to me. Considering how unbalanced the Rivals List seems to be, it sounds like […]

New Limited Time Building – Killer Condos Upgrade Cost and Payout

So here it is, the new LTB from Gree and Crime City. This one is for the Killer Condos event and a building of the same name – quite simply Killer Condos. It’s a lower level LTB which is already causing people to gnash their teeth because it’s too low level for them. Of course when the building is outrageously priced, everyone complains about that too. Anyway, the base building will cost $10 million and generates $64599 every 12 hours. The footprint is quite reasonable so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a space for it. The Reward is a Racer Jacket with 26053 Attack and 21315 Defense +1% Explosive Attack. That’s a pretty decent prize for the cost of the building, at least initially. If you want to upgrade this all the way it will cost you $2.5 billion with a payout of $1.9 million every 12 hours. If you translate that into real numbers it means you will never recoup the money you spent on this thing.  You will have to collect from it […]

Gree offers ability to upgrade multiple buildings at once as a low level prize – Crime City

Wow! I never thought I would see the day that Gree would allow us to upgrade multiple buildings at once, but here it is as the Anniversary Party Favor in the Anniversary Anarchy event. Depending on when you started playing, you may have seen this given out as a Top Tier prize in one of the Syndicate Battles. In fact, the Extra Building Upgrade and the Upgrade Reduction Cost modifiers haven’t been seen in ages. But here it is as the prize for what is basically completing the Beginner level of this event. Good heavens! And it does indeed allow you to upgrade 2 buildings at once. I wasted no time in starting another upgrade. I chose the Tsar’s Teahouse. It almost seems like this prize is a mistake! Of course, this also means that LTB events are going to get a lot harder and I bet we have to get both of them to a certain level in order to win a prize. Since it’s available to everyone, there will obviously be some catches. […]