Loot Drops for the last few hours of Season Surprise Event – Crime City

I just saw this list and got both the -10% Build Time and the -50% Bank Deposit. I had no idea these were out there, so pick and choose what you want. They don’t stack so once you get an item move on to something else. Getting a second won’t help. Get it on! Loot drops are back for those that didn’t get them the first time!!! Mods dropping from maps: 1) Club District     Dick Wicked     The Corpse Maker     +50% cash from robberies     (5×136)     -OR-     Restaurant Row     Chef Roussel     (3×118) 2) Liberty Park     Nicky Kneecaps     Street Demon     -10% build time     (3×72)     -OR-     The Waterfront     Ice Cream Shop     (1×12) 3) South End Projects     Viper Lee     Blackout Rpg     +30% Jobs Payout     (6×120)     -OR-     Artist Quarter     Agent Logan     (2×88)     -OR-     Westside     Ronnie Cohen     (4×124) 4) South End Projects     Chazmo Parker     Crazy Hit Runner     +20% Car Attack     (2×172) 5) Artist Quarter     Spider Horton     Midas Machine Gun     +40% Fight Respect     (3×108)     -OR-     Liberty Park     Parkside Apartments     (2×45) 6) South End Projects     Basketball Court (bottom one)     The Eviscerator     +1 Rob Respect     (1×54) 7) Soho     John Lawson     (2×56)     -OR-     East Side     Deli     Black Widow Shotgun     +100 attack (bonus, not skill points)     (1×42) 8) Cartel Compound […]

Epic Loot from the Epic Boss Thomas P Stanton – Crime City

We did another great job of kicking the @#$% out of Thomas P Stanton and achieved both the Syndicate goal of 300 kills over the 4 days and the Individual victory of 100 kills. With that I grabbed the Stanton Glasses and the Stanton Knuckles. That’s an impressive combination. Level 100 was a bit of a pain as it took 7 FA hits to take him down – a lot more than I expected. I almost immediately coupled this with the 187 Blaster from the Syndicate battle. Hell, I didn’t even know this was a reward. I was just deploying troops when this popped up out of nowhere. Seemed almost too easy to be honest., but hey I won’t complain. It has nice stats and I will certainly take the -1% Bank Deposit Fee Reduction reward. Speaking of, a lot of people say to keep cash on hand rather than putting it in the bank. That seems like a dangerous game to me. Considering how unbalanced the Rivals List seems to be, it sounds like a surefire way to go bankrupt. I still find players with nearly half my stats are still able to rob me. They’re able to sneak in an pilfer tens of millions from my LTBs. There’s no way I’m walking around with all that cash in hand. I’d rather lose a few million on each transaction and keep the bulk of my cash versus losing hundreds of millions by carrying it around. Some people swear by […]

Victory! The Cradle of Love in Syndicate Boss Event – Dell’s Rampage – Crime City

It’s been a long road, but the final prize from Dell’s Delinquents, The Cradle of Love, has just been delivered. We battled all through the night and with a few hours to spare got rid of the last Boss on Elite. Lordy I’m exhausted. But it’s a pretty sweet prize and I’ve picked up some other good ones along the way. Not as many as I would like, but a few decent ones. We had one close call where we were quite literally 2 minutes away from losing the Boss. Bit of a scramble for some gold I’m afraid, but the sacrifice had to be made. We gunned him down in the streets right before he could make a getaway. Too damn close for comfort. Still a few hours left. Good luck everyone! Other articles of interest: 100 Kills in the Defeat Mad Dog Delany Epic Boss Event – Crime City Hyman Schwartz–Epic Boss Event–Crime City Ending Eros McBride Epic Boss, What is Love Gold Digging Hoe – Crime City Toy Box Building – Crime City Thief Wellington Raid Boss Reward and Prize List – Crime City Cole Black Epic Boss Event Reward and Prize List – Crime City Red Brick’s Red Mafyia – Red Brick Raid Boss – Reward and Prize List – Crime City Crime City throws out yet another event with the Dynasty Case Event featuring the Twin Swords Totally Lame Ass Prizes – Crime City Madame Knows Best Limited Time Quest and The Toy Box, Not […]

Friday Night Fever and Saturday Night Special LTQ/SLTQ Reward List

It’s time for a new weekend event, the Friday Night Fever and Saturday Night Special Individual and Syndicate Limited Time Quest (LTQ) Event. We also have the Gordon Kane Epic Boss Event still in the works and let’s not forget the Disco Never Dies LTB. Wow, way too damn much happening at one time. Come on Gree, tone it down just a touch. But anyway, the event is here and I’ve noticed I have to buy a slew of weapons to complete the events. Since I haven’t really been playing I just don’t have these weapons, but I’ve already spent $30 million to get to Level 8. Not sure if others will run into that, but this could be an expensive event. So there you have it! Good luck! Friday Night Fever Individual LTQ Level Reward Atk/Def 1 Salvatore’s Moltov 331/404 3 Carlos’s Helmet 940/940 5 Francesca’s 911 1616/1322 7 Franco’s Brass Knuckles 2755/1836 9 Domenico’s AK 3588/3588 11 Bruno’s Cocktail 6725/4484 13 Paolo’s Ride 7007/10511 15 Michele’s Armored Coat 18179/14874 Saturday Night Special Individual LTQ Level Reward Atk/Def 1 Salvatore’s Torch 959/958 3 Francesca’s BFG 895/1342 5 Anna Maria’s C4 1534/1022 7 Bruno’s Suit 1470/1470 9 Carla’s Lambo 1894/1263 11 Elena’s Protector 2244/3367 13 Concetta’s S&W 5989/3993 15 Rita’s Slugger 7102/10652 17 Rizzo’s Ride 17357/14201 19 Franca’s Colt 45 30854/25244 20 Luciano’s Pimp Stick 68189/45459 +5% Mafia Attack Friday Night Fever Syndicate SLTQ Level Reward Atk/Def 1 Anna’s Crossbow 422/516 3 Antionetta’s Sweet Ride 158/158 5 Carla’s Firestarter 295/442 […]

Disco Never Dies – Deadly Disco LTB Cost and Reward List – Crime City

The Chop Up Top Shop event is out so in comes the Disco Never Dies event with the new Deadly Disco building that’s big, ugly and expensive! It’s based off the Beach Nightclub building so it takes up plenty of space, at least 8×7. Check out the figures below, this rascal won’t be cheap. The initial buy-in is $100 million. Without any modifiers the final upgrade cost is $10 billion and the total upgrade cost through all 10 levels is $25 billion. If you have upgrade modifiers you might be about to fully upgrade for a mere $12 billion. And the reward for all the sacks full of cash? The Death by Disco Explosive – 25062 ATK/15364 DEF with +1% stackable explosive attack mod for each upgrade. It’s not a bad weapon, but not worth multiple billions. Anyway, the race is on. I already started this building because I always buy these stupid things. How far will I go? This only looks like a Level 6 building to me…. Level Cost Payout Hours 1  $            100,000,000  $              664,011 24 2  $            167,000,000  $          1,328,022 30 3  $            278,890,000  $          2,324,039 36 4  $            465,746,300  $          3,652,061 42 5  $            777,796,321  $          5,312,088 48 6  $        1,298,919,857  $          7,304,121 54 7  $        2,169,196,162  $          9,628,160 60 8  $        3,622,557,591  $        12,284,204 66 9  $        6,049,671,177  $        15,272,253 72 10  $      10,102,950,866  $        19,920,330 78 Total Cost  $      25,032,728,274     Payout +35% Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51% $896,415     $1,792,830 $116,900,000 […]