Massive sale at Stardock/Impulse

Stardock has put dozens of games on sale over at From my count there’s about 54 games on sale; games like Tropico 3, Meridian 4 Complete and plenty of others. If you’re looking for some games for the holiday, now is the time to look.

Stardock games on sale

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Civilization 4 Complete – 60% off $15.95

You can pick up Civilization 4: Complete for 60% off.

The “Complete” bundle includes:

    * Civilization 4
    * Civilization 4: Warlords Expansion Pack
    * Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword Expansion Pack
    * Civilization 4: Colonization

Civilization 4 Complete

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Galactic Civilizations 2: The Dread Lords – $1.99

More sales are going on over at Impulse. Today Galactic Civilizations 2: The Dread Lords is on sale for $1.99 – a price drop from $19.95. This is the complete game, but does not include the two expansions, Dark Avatar and Twilight or the Arnor. But hey, a savings of $18 is still a pretty damn good deal. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if the expansion packs went on sale before Christmas gets here.

Galactic Civilizations II is the sequel to 2003’s hit turn-based strategy game of the same name.

The player takes on the role of the leader of a space-faring civilization and must guide its expansion in a hostile galaxy. Gamers must balance their economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural, and military power to forge alliances, fight wars, and ultimately dominate the galaxy.

The game is single-player and allows the player to play randomly generated galactic maps or play through a multi-mission campaign that tells the story of an ancient enemy called the Dread Lords.

Galactic Civilizations 2: The Dread Lords

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Europa Universalis III – 50% off at ImpulseDriven

At the hits just keep on coming. Here’s another title on sale for 50% off. Europa Universalis III by Paradox Interactive is on sale for $11.99 at This is the complete edition which contains Europa Universalis III, Napoleon’s Ambition and In Nomine in one package.

Europa Universalis III Complete gives gamers the addicting main game; Europa Universalis III, one of the most ambitious and grand real-time strategy titles on the market, along with its two outstanding expansion packs: Napoleon’s Ambition and In Nomine.

Europa Universalis III:
Delving deep into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy, is an epic strategy game where players take control of a nation and guide it through the ages to become a great global empire. Unparalleled in its depth and historical accuracy, EU gives players freedom to rule their nation from an impressive choice of over 250 historically accurate countries.

Napoleon’s Ambition:
The expansion Napoleon’s Ambition takes the award-winning Europa Universalis III all the way into the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era. March your armies across Europe and take what is rightfully yours!

In Nomine:
Start in October 1399 and the coronation of Henry IV of England. Experience over 50 more years of gameplay, through the Byzantine Empire, Tamerlane and the end of the Hundred Years War.

Get a better overview of the decisions needed to shape the future of your country. Strive to create Great Britain, make Paris worth a Mass, or institute an East Indian Trade Company. Act, rather than react, and implement decisions on both country and province level, with the new decision system, including hundreds of different decisions depending on situation.

Check out the sale on Impulse here:

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