DisplayFusion 65% off at BitsDuJour

BitsDuJour is offering DisplayFusion at a 65% discount, which to be honest, is a must buy. I’ve had this program for several years now and it is a brilliant piece of software. All my machines have multiple monitors and I can’t stand using that configuration without DisplayFusion installed. Not only does it give you the obvious feature of a taskbar on each screen, but you get window snapping, window placement, wallpaper, one-click stretch of the window across multiple screens, setting of window location and about 100 other things.

To be honest, even if you don’t have multiple monitors, it’s still worth having because of the cool wallpaper integration and window snapping.

This is a great tool to have and normally, the full Home Pro license is $35, which is still a good deal because you can load it on all the machines you have a home, but with the discount it’s only $12. Plus, these are lifetime licenses, which means you get keeping getting updates through the major versions. And rest assured, this software gets updated on a regular basis. It’s already got Windows 10 compatibility and new features and performance enhancements come out all the time.

I highly recommend you get a copy. While you’re at it, you can also grab Clipboard Fusion at a discounted price. That’s an awesome program for copying text from documents and websites without bringing across all the formatting. You don’t have to copy text into Notepad and then over to something else to strip out the fonts and HTML code. Or you can run macros against the text you copy. I also have this running on my machine since I copy and paste a lot of text from website articles into customer emails and this little app is fantastic. Has lots and lots of additional features you can turn on.

They have some great software and this is a sale well worth your time!

And by the way, if you’re a company looking to cover all your employees, this also includes a 65% discount on site licenses!

DisplayFusion for 65% off


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DisplayFusion Pro Standard License on Steam

DisplayFusion Pro on Steam

  • Only $29.99 (USD) $9.29 (USD) for use wherever you have Steam installed with your Steam account
  • On Sale for only $9.29 (USD) for a limited time!
  • You don’t need to have Steam running to use DisplayFusion
  • Fully functional license including all DisplayFusion Pro features
  • This is a lifetime license, and is valid for all future versions (3.x, 4.x, 5.x… etc)
  • This license type is only recommended for users of the Steam marketplace, as it needs to be installed through the Steam desktop client

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Spring Sale on All BinaryFortress Products!

It’s another sale at BinaryFortress, makes of one of my favorite apps, DisplayFusion. It’s a perfect time to pick up a copy and even couple it with ClipboardFusion, another tool I find incredibly useful. This is a great sale and these are great tools. If you don’t have DisplayFusion, you really need to get a copy.

Spring is finally here, and we’re celebrating by offering all of our products on sale at 33% off until April 7th! The only exception to the sale is iTunesFusion, which is actually 50% off while it’s in beta.

If you’re not familiar with all of our apps, feel free to check them out on our More Apps page.

Spring Sale on All BinaryFortress Products!

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Get DisplayFusion for 65% Off – $8.21 at BitsDuJour

If you use multiple monitors then you need DisplayFusion. It contains all the features that Windows has been lacking for the past decade. It gives you a taskbar on each screen, a different wallpaper for each screen or one stretched across all three, hotkeys, window snapping and quite literally dozens of other features.

I’ve written quite a few articles about this program and have it on every single machine I use. I’ve bought licenses for both and for work. And now you can get it on sale for the shockingly low price of $8.21. And the discount covers every version they make, from home, to commercial, to the site license. Once you have it installed you’ll never want to use a multi-monitor set up without it.

Get DisplayFusion for 65% Off – $8.21 at BitsDuJour
Check out the features of DisplayFusion

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50% Off DisplayFusion and the entire BinaryFortress Catalog

To celebrate Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the release of DisplayFusion 5.1.1, BinaryFortress is offering a discount on all their products. You can now get every product they offer for 50% Off.

If you have multiple monitors then you need to have DisplayFusion. It’s an amazing piece of software that gives you all the control you need when working with dual screens. Despite what Microsoft says, Windows is utterly ignorant of how to control multiple monitors. With DisplayFusion you can control you wallpaper, window position, taskbars, monitor spanning, Windows Logon and icon display. Plus a ton of other useful and usable features to make the most of multiple displays. I’ve had DisplayFusion running for a couple of years now and can’t see working without it.

DIsplayFusion comes in a variety of flavors from the single user, to home license, to corporate to site license.

You can now pick up  a copy for a mere $9.99 through steam, $12.50 for a single license to use at work, or $17.50 to use on all the machines you have at home.

The discount applies to all the programs in their catalog. Now is a great time to make the most of your monitors and get on board with their other programs.

The sale ends soon so you need to act pretty quickly. You have until December 3rd.

50% Off DisplayFusion and the entire BinaryFortress Catalog

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