Audials Moviebox 11 On Sale for Easter at BitsDuJour

imageI’ve written about Audials One before and how you can copy movies from multiple different sources, as well as record music from the Internet, find radio stations and search for music videos from dozens of different sources. I bought Audials One 11 the last time it was one sale and it’s a pretty damn impressive piece of software. But, if you don’t need all that extra music ripping stuff, you can get Audials Moviebox 11, which contains all the pieces you need to capture streaming media and record your screen. This is how you can grab movies from sources like Amazon and Netflix.

Audials Moviebox is very similar to products like Jaksta Media Recorder and Applian Capture Studio. And in case you didn’t know, Applian and Jaksta are the same company. I find Audials to be a little better at capturing different kinds of video without having to resort to the screen capture. Applian pretty much relies on that technology and while that’s not a bad thing, it can be a little less than optimal. Audials can "download" more kinds of files directly from the source. But if that doesn’t work, it also has the screen capture function.

I personally prefer Audials and have a great deal of success with it. When coupled with Freemake Video Downloader, there is very little I can’t get my hands on. And now you can get the power of Audials Moviebox 11 for less than $15 – the regular price $39.90. Bitsdujour has it on sale of 63% off. That is an awesome deal and if you’re looking to capture some video from the web, this is a great place to start. I seriously recommend adding this to your arsenal.

This is a really short sale, so if you want a copy, you need to get a move on.

Audials Moviebox Overview

Audials Moviebox Windows software hooks you up with a Universal-Converter, Streaming, Copying DVDs as well as a Media Center. There are 5 different function areas, for which you can view the corresponding screenshot with just a click of your mouse.

Universal Converter copies and converts anything into the right file format
Streaming lets you save music and movies from websites and pay-services
The Media Center manages your treasures on PC, portable devices and clouds

Audials Moviebox 11


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Next Car Game on Sale for Easter at Steam

imageAs you expect there are some nice Easter sales going on. One of those is Next Car Game from BugBear Entertainment. The price has dropped 33% to a mere $20.09. Not only has the price dropped, but there has been a new update which includes the Sandpit Shakedown – a brand new course to try out. There are plenty of other improvement such as game physics and vehicle suspension. This looks like a pretty impressive update and as soon as I get the chance I’m getting behind the wheel to try it out.

Next Car Game is pretty awesome with that good old fashioned "rubbing is racing" mentality and to hell with the idea of multimillion dollar cars and massive teams for support or even sponsors. Get behind the wheel of a beat up car with nothing but a massie engine and hopefully the right set of tires and see how you make out on the track. The rules are simple, just try to get to the end.

It’s actually a nice change of pace to step away from the Supercars and just get down to some racing. This game is still in development so we all get a chance to shape the look and feel. And by the changes being made, they’re listening to the Community. If you don’t already have a copy, now is a great time to get a copy. 33% off is a great deal.

It’s time for a SANDPIT SHAKEDOWN! The latest update of NEXT CAR GAME is here, and it will see you transported right back to where it all started from: a good, old-fashioned sandpit! That’s right folks, the update contains a new sandpit race track very much like the ones you’ve all learned to love from our previous games. The classic sandpit environment with its sweeping corners, hefty hillocks and treacherous sand banks is admittedly one of the greatest fan-favorites, and the latest incarnation, albeit still very much work-in-progress, is guaranteed to make a perfect setting for some serious, no-holds-barred racing.

Next Car Game – Sandpit Shakedown

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73% Off "The X-Files: The Complete Series + Movies"‏

It’s another massive discount on a box set from Amazon and this time is a steep 73% off The X-Files Complete Series and the two movies. The regular price of the series comes in at a hefty $329, but today is sneaking in at $88.99. If you’re an X-Files and don’t already have the complete set this is a hell of a deal.

The X-Files: Complete Seasons 1-9
The X-Files: I Want to Believe
The X-Files (aka Fight the Future)

The X-Files: The Complete Series + Movies

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Amazon Deal of the Day – Burn Notice The Complete Series 66% Off – $50.99

Burn Notice was one of my favorite shows on TV. It was action packed, witty, had some really great characters and of course more government conspiracies than you can shake a stick at. It was a fun 7 year run and for today only (auspicous day to have a sale) Amazon is selling the entire 7 season box set for 66% off. The price is normally $149.98 but has been dropped to $50.99.

I checked the site earlier and it showed as Sold Out – this was from the link in the email they sent me. I clicked the Gold Box link on the page and low and behold the Add to Cart button is there. Who knows how long this sale will really last and if there really is ay product left, but I ran it through so we’ll see what happens.

Burn Notice – The Complete Series at Amazon

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Use Coupon "THANKS" to Get 80% Discount On All Ashampoo Software

Put any item in your cart and use the coupon code "THANKS" to get 80% off Ashampoo software. This is a very short lived coupon that I just received in the mail. I checked on the site and you get the latest Ashampoo Burning Studio 14 for $9.99 with this coupon. That’s down from the regular price of $49.99. That’s cheaper than the upgrade price of $14.99. I’ve been looking to upgrade so now may be the perfect time.

If you’re looking to grab some software from Ashampoo, this coupon should help you out. Just check to see which is better, the discounted full price or the upgrade price.

Good luck!

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