Block Fortress for iPad – Tower Defense mixed with Minecraft

Today, it was time to take a spin around Block Fortress, the combination of Minecraft and Tower Defense. I like Minecraft and building things, plus I like tower defense games. Since I’m not good at either of them a combination of the two seems right up my alley. At first, Block Fortress seems incredibly simple, build a fortress using blocks and guns and defend it. You can build walls, towers, put up bait blocks and create whatever type of block defense system you like. Then you can add some machine guns, plasma guns, laser guns and all sorts of cool stuff. And once your defense is in the place, the second part of the game begins and it turns into a first person shooter with you blasting away at the hordes as they come to knock your playhouse down. The concept is exceptionally cool and it’s very good fun to build your hideout to keep the enemy at bay. But when the enemy invades, things start to escalate pretty quickly. Here comes the onslaught and the sound of the machine guns fills the air. You have to mow the little devils down before they smash your power source and steal your resources. You have to take aim before they break through your walls or swarm you and take away all your health points. It can be a frantic few minutes let me assure you of that. Then when the dust settles it’s time to rebuild, fortify and try again. And […]

Karateka Classic for the iPad

After the success of Karateka (despite the issues I had with it) the Karateka Classic version hits the App Store. According to the article by Touch Arcade this is a direct port of the original code using an Apple IIGS Emulator. That means it’s the same game we all know and played and died in. This was one of the first games I played for old Apple II and in monochrome color no less. I died many times over because I was in the wrong stance at the wrong time. And curse that damn bird! And I battled all this way to have the damsel in distress kick my ass because she thought I was one of the guards? Harsh lady, harsh. But anyway, the original is back and it’s only 99 cents. This should make for some pretty good game play, even if you can get it done in just one life. A side-scrolling karate classic from 1984! The first game by the creator of Prince of Persia, Karateka arrives on iOS with all the challenge and charm of the original Apple II experience. Fight as the lone hero to save the princess from the evil warlord Akuma. His relentless guards and pesky hawk will challenge your skill whether you remember the original, have played the remake, or are experiencing Karateka for the first time. Karateka Classic Other articles of interest: Karateka – The Remake is Here Karateka drops to $0.99 The Oregon Trail – iPad Edition Boggle for […]


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BigFishGames–iPad/iPhone games on sale for $0.99

BigFishGames is having their own sale. They’ve put all their games on sale for $0.99. Check out their site for all games and information: BigFishGames on Sale at iTunes BigFishGames Other articles of interest: All BigFish Games for the iPad on sale for $0.99 All MumboJumbo Games on Sale for $0.99 Massive Labor Day Sales in the iTunes App Store Here we go again, Big EA sale for Thanksgiving Electronic Arts Manly Man Sale Electronic Arts showers us with iPad gifts! Gameloft $0.99 sale Best Buy has 15% and 20% Off iTunes Gift Cards Big Sale on everything related to Electronic Arts Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes – $0.99

Christmas Sale–Gameloft drops games to $0.99

9mm – $6.99->$.99 Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles – $4.99->$.99 Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles for iPad – $6.99->$.99 BackStab – $6.99->$.99 Driver – $2.99->$.99 Fast Five the Movie: Official Game – $4.99->$.99 Fast Five the Movie: Official Game for iPad – $4.99->$.99 Gameloft Action Pack – $4.99->$.99 Gameloft Sports Pack – $4.99 – $.99 Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – $6.99->$.99 Iron Man 2 – $4.99->$.99 Iron Man 2 for iPad – $4.99->$.99 James Cameron’s Avatar – $4.99->$.99 James Cameron’s Avatar for iPad – $4.99->$.99 NOVA 2 – $6.99->$.99 NOVA 2 for iPad – $6.99->$.99 Rayman 2: The Great Escape – $4.99->$.99 The Settlers – $4.99->$.99 Silent Ops – $6.99->$.99 Spider-Man: Total Mayhem – $6.99->$.99 Spider-Man: Total Mayhem for iPad – $6.99->$.99 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard – $->$.99 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard for iPad – $->$.99 Other articles of interest: Gameloft has its own massive game sale Gameloft $0.99 iPad Sale Gameloft decides to have their own $0.99 sale! Another $0.99 Gameloft Sale Gameloft Memorial Day Sale Gameloft Father’s Day Sale Gameloft Sale Big Weekend Sales! N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD Gameloft throws down it’s gauntlet of game for sale