Connecting Katalon to a Postgres Database

One of our goals for this year was to connect Katalon into our Postgres instance. It turned out to be quite simple, but we ran into a couple of errors before we got all the magic to happen.

When using the standard connection string, we get an hba_conf error along with ssl=true errors. This can be fixed in the connection string by appending the two following parameters:


The connection string to be placed in Katalon looks like:


With this connection string in place, we were able to connect to the database without issue and execute queries.

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TextSoap 8 on Bundlehunt

If you are the type of person that needs to handle a lot of Find/Replace functions, or parse through logs, or strip extraneous characters from text taken from the web, TextSoap 8 should make a great tool in your arsenal.

I just picked it up the other day from Bundlehunt for the super low price of $5 and I've already done a fair bit of text parsing.

TextSoap comes with literally hundreds of pre-made actions to strip out extraneous text or even add text blocks back in.

For example, you can add the HEAD, H1, and other block markers. Remove all the tags from some HTML source code. Convert to Lowercase/Uppercase. Wrap text at a specific column number. Remove Whitespace and Carriage Returns. Remove extra space. Change formatting styles. Parse text with RegEx.

And if that wasn't enough, you can always build your own "Cleaner."

I've already run through several conversions to strip away HTML, remove characters and get plain text from formatted text. For the $5, it is absolutely worth grabbing now.

TextSoap on Bundlehunt
TextSoap Web Page

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Pretty sure I just hypnotized myself


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Dozer – Hide menu bar icons on macOS

Over the weekend I desperately needed to hide some of the icons in my menu bar. Things have gotten out of control. The icons I really want to use keep getting pushed off the screen. But like so many things in the Mac world, there is an app for that.

A quick search revealed just the tool for the job – Dozer for Mac.

It has one job, hide the icons you aren’t using so you can get to the ones you are. It takes just a moment to configure and the results are glorious. My menu bar now has 8 icons rather than 30+.

Even better? It’s free.

Dozer for Mac

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It’s ok to be a Quitter

Quitter is an app I discovered several months ago and it has proven to be extremely useful. Quitter is an app that hides or quits app you are no longer using. During a typical day I have dozens of applications open like Katalon, SQL Pro, CodeRunner, the App Store, SnagIt, FreeDownloadManger and plenty of others.

Truth is though, I don’t need them open all the time. That is both distracting and a waste of resources. Sure, I have plenty of memory, but why keep programs open when I’m not actually using them?

That’s where Quitter comes in. After an app sat idle for a configured amount of time, it gets closed. This frees up the Dock, releases memory, and keeps things tidy. It’s a very handy app and it’s main goal is to keep you focused on the apps you’re really using and closing out the other distractions.

Quitter for Mac


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