Katalon Studio – Manual View – The start of a test script

To start a new script, click the down arrow next to the New button and select Test Case.
After being prompted for a name, you’ll be placed in the Manual view, which should look somewhat similar to the Selenium IDE and helps to build the framework of a test. Click the Add button to get a list of the commonly used commands like Set Text, Get Text, Wait for Page Load, Delay, Click, etc. At first the list may not seem as extensive as the old IDE, but don’t worry, Katalon can do everything the old IDE did and plenty more.
Clicking the Add button, offers the short list of commands, while clicking the down arrow next to Add presents other actions like Decision Making, Looping, Branching and Exception Handling.
As an example, a standard test can start by navigating to a page, clicking an item, reading text, waiting for a page to load and verifying an element exists. The Manual view allows you to select those commands and fill in the parameters using a table. Behind the scenes, Katalon turns those into full Selenium commands.
The example below is a quick test to navigate to the Tasks page, click the New Task button, fill in the fields and click the Save button.
On the left are the commands. This is followed by the object from the Object Repository it interacts with, and then the values that are being sent to the function or stored from it. Set Text would be an input, while Get Text would be an Output. The Output field would be the name of a variable to store the text.
In most cases I will start a test from the manual view. I put in the commands to click buttons and links, enter any text into the forms and flesh out the general flow of my test.
When you want to see the full text of the Selenium commands being used, click the Script tab at the bottom. This opens the full IDE editor and displays the syntax of the commands for Click, Set Text and Delay.

WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘Page_/Task Page Objects/btn-Create New Task Button’))

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Page_/Task Page Objects/New Task Subject Field’), ‘This is a new Task Subject)

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Page_/Task Page Objects/New Task Note Field’), ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur’)


The Manual view is the place to start with a new script, but after creating a few tests, it will be common to jump back and forth between the two views. The Manual view gives the flow, while the Script allows for fine tuning. The Script tab is also where you’ll start using the more advanced functions of Groovy.

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  • Lucas says:

    Hi Don Pedro,
    Thanks for sharing a lot of great articles related to Katalon Studio and Selenium.
    I am Lucas from Katalon team. From your point of view, we’ve learnt alot to improve our product and add more valuable features to contribute to testing community.
    Katalon team really appreciates your effort and wish to discuss further with you on how to help testers performing automation test effectively.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards,

  • ben says:

    Hello Don
    Great Website. Keep up the work.
    I learnt a lot.

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