Winx DVD Copy Pro Halloween discount for $9.95 by Digiarty

image So there are lots of DVD Rippers and Copy tools around, but getting a good one that will actually stay updated usually sets you back a small fortune. I just came across this great deal for Winx DVD Copy Pro by Digiarty for $9.95 as part of a massive Halloween sale. Yes, Halloween is over, but the spirit lives on!

If you go to the main Digiarty page you can see the Promotions menu which gives a good deal on the Winx DVD Ripper, but DVD Copy Pro isn’t on there. I actually found this on the page about their Blu Ray player. You can jump straight to it and pick up the full version which includes all planned updates. If you like, you can grab the Giveway copy which will certainly work for now, provided you install it quick enough, but it doesn’t come with any updates.

$10 is a heck of a deal for a DVD cloning tool. I’m not that familiar with Winx DVD Copy Pro, but I have used it in the past and it is supposed to be good with discs that are problematic to read or even scratched. I have one or two that fit into that category, and for $10, I can see how I can go wrong.

So if you’re looking for a deal head over to – – and grab a copy. You can also add Ripper Platinum for $15 more. $25.95 for a complete ripping and converting solution is pretty good if you ask me.

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