Wyndsor Airport Limited Time Building (LTB) – Building Payout and Upgrade Cost – Crime City

The Limited Buildings are coming fast and furious these days. We have the new Wyndsor Airport as well as several new gold buildings in the store. The Wyndsor Airport is a reasonable sized building with some decent stats. The initial cost is $123 million with $1.3 million every 24 hours. It’s another building that will cost over $30Billion to upgrade fully if you don’t have any mods. The reward for that heft cash investment is – Atrocious Explosive, ATK – 403,830 DEF – 100,958 with +1% Explosive Attack. Again, nice ATK, but come on, can we get some weapons with DEF mods that don’t suck dirty bath water?

Yes, I have two of these silly things upgrading right now even though I started a bit late. I also see the Shamrock Pub got a huge boost in cash stats since it has now become a high value gold building. I have that at level 10 and it has jumped to over $400M as it’s collection. And I’ll keep upgrading these until the next LTB sneaks into the store.

Base building cost and payout

Level Cost Income Hours
1 $123,177,072 $1,368,634 24
2 $205,705,710 $2,737,268 30
3 $343,528,536 $4,790,219 36
4 $573,692,655 $7,527,487 42
5 $958,066,734 $10,949,072 48
6 $1,599,971,446 $15,054,974 54
7 $2,671,952,315 $19,845,193 60
8 $4,462,160,367 $25,319,729 66
9 $7,451,807,812 $31,478,582 72
10 $12,444,519,047 $41,059,020 78
Total $30,834,581,694.00    

Building Payout with Modifiers

Level Payout +35% Payout +65%
1 $1,847,656 $2,258,246
2 $3,695,312 $4,516,492
3 $6,466,796 $7,903,861
4 $10,162,107 $12,420,354
5 $14,781,247 $18,065,969
6 $20,324,215 $24,840,707
7 $26,791,011 $32,744,568
8 $34,181,634 $41,777,553
9 $42,496,086 $51,939,660
10 $55,429,677 $67,747,383

Building Upgrade Cost with Modifiers

Level Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51%
2 $143,993,997 $100,795,798
3 $240,469,975 $168,328,983
4 $401,584,859 $281,109,401
5 $670,646,714 $469,452,700
6 $1,119,980,012 $783,986,009
7 $1,870,366,621 $1,309,256,634
8 $3,123,512,257 $2,186,458,580
9 $5,216,265,468 $3,651,385,828
10 $8,711,163,333 $6,097,814,333
Total $21,497,983,235 $15,048,588,265

LTB Sheet All Buildings

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