Drop Tower Ride Limited Time Building (LTB) – Building Payout

Well this is new. Since I’ve been working on the Crusty Handlebar I haven’t been into the Money Buildings section. Turns out there’s a new building in there, the Drop Tower Ride. It has a small footprint, but it’s a tall lanky thing. This is an LTB in the sense it probably won’t last very long. I just started construction on my first one and will put up the second as soon as the first is complete. The initial cost is $121,957,500 with an income of $1,355,083 every 24 hours. Like the Crusty Handlebar, it will cost $30Billion to upgrade and will net $40Million per day. No prize for each level, but it will keep pushing up the IPH for those who wish to construct it.

Level Cost Income
1 $121,957,500 $1,355,083
2 $203,669,025 $2,710,166
3 $340,127,272 $4,742,791
4 $568,012,544 $7,452,957
5 $948,580,948 $10,840,664
6 $1,584,130,183 $14,905,913
7 $2,645,497,406 $19,648,704
8 $4,417,980,669 $25,069,036
9 $7,378,027,717 $31,166,909
10 $12,321,306,287 $40,652,490
Total $30,529,289,551.00  

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  • Andy says:

    As it turns out, this IS an LTB! Only that Gree(d) released it a bit early, just like they did with the warehouse. Anyway, thanks for sticking to your guns and keeping us updated. Keep up the good work!

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