My Prison Term Has Been Extended in TinyKeep

Walls cannot contain me! Common sense can’t stop me!

I’ve made multiple attempts to free myself from incarceration and each has met with different levels of success. There was the glorious escape attempt where I scorched my captors to cinders. Or the attempt where I saw them crushed beneath the circling spiked wheel. There was even the attempt where I assaulted multiple attackers in a single fit of rage, made a tribute to the gods and got phenomenal cosmic power with which to strike them all down!

Each attempt has been glorious right up to the point it becomes utterly unsuccessful. Sadly, most of my attempts have ended with a severe puncture wound by arrow, or in the worst case, flaming arrow. I not above admitting there have been a couple of beat downs, at least one fiery end and one defeat where have no idea what happened.

I have to say, TinyKeep has turned out to be a great game and a hell of a lot harder than I first anticipated. I’m sure my inability to navigate the corridors is having a negative impact on me, but I’ve set out a dozen times only to find myself back in the cage. I suppose I should form some sort of strategy before I set out again, all this spleen damage is starting to take it’s toll.

If you don’t have a copy, you can still get TinyKeep for $3.50 over at Steam. That’s about the cost of an iPad game and you get some great gameplay.

One day I will defeat this game and make my heroic escape. One day …

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