Empire Boardwalk Limited Time Building (LTB) – Building Payout and Upgrade Cost – Crime City

It’s time for the Empire Boardwalk Limited Time Building (LTB) and in more ways than one, this building is s steamy pile of crap. The initial cost isn’t bad, but output is pretty meager. This building is also freaking huge! It takes up an insane amount of space. Finally, while the attack points for the reward item is good, the defense is terrible.

The Empire Boardwalk has a 12 hour collection time, which should make a lot of people happy. With modifiers you can get over $100 million per day out of this, provided it doesn’t get robbed. That goes for all the buildings obviously.

I’ve already had to move buildings around to make room for this monstrosity. I’ve had to start another expansion and I’m at that point where some of the older, non-LTBs, will have to be leveled. That’s not really a big deal and we all knew it would come to this, but damn, why does this building has to take up so much space?

It’ll cost just shy of $24 billion to complete this rascal. With modifiers you can cut that to half, but it’s still a hefty chunk of change.

The reward is the Bloody Fool Mask with 395,874 atk and 98,868 def, with 1% Armor Defense. Not a bad item, but damn, can’t we get some items with a but more defense to them?

To be honest, this a high dollar version of the Big Top Burlesque. It’s ugly and big and I’m sure people will tear it down once this event is over. I’ll upgrade the thing as usual since the final payout can be of use.

Good luck!

Base building cost and payout

Level Cost Income Hours
1 $95,000,000 $527,778 24
2 $158,650,000 $1,583,334 30
3 $264,945,500 $3,166,668 36
4 $442,458,985 $5,277,780 42
5 $738,906,505 $7,916,670 48
6 $1,233,973,863 $11,611,116 54
7 $2,060,736,352 $16,361,118 60
8 $3,441,429,707 $22,166,676 66
9 $5,747,187,611 $29,027,790 72
10 $9,597,803,311 $39,583,350 78
Total $23,781,091,834.00    

Building Payout with Modifiers

Level Payout +35% Payout +65%
1 $712,500 $870,834
2 $2,137,501 $2,612,501
3 $4,275,002 $5,225,002
4 $7,125,003 $8,708,337
5 $10,687,505 $13,062,506
6 $15,675,007 $19,158,341
7 $22,087,509 $26,995,845
8 $29,925,013 $36,575,015
9 $39,187,517 $47,895,854
10 $53,437,523 $65,312,528

Building Upgrade Cost with Modifiers

Level Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51%
2 $111,055,000 $77,738,500
3 $185,461,850 $129,823,295
4 $309,721,290 $216,804,903
5 $517,234,554 $362,064,187
6 $863,781,704 $604,647,193
7 $1,442,515,446 $1,009,760,812
8 $2,409,000,795 $1,686,300,556
9 $4,023,031,328 $2,816,121,929
10 $6,718,462,318 $4,702,923,622
Total $16,580,264,284 $11,606,184,999

LTB Sheet All Buildings

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2 Responses to Empire Boardwalk Limited Time Building (LTB) – Building Payout and Upgrade Cost – Crime City

  • tree hugger says:

    I’m with you on the fact that this building is bad, but I feel like you’re selling it short too much after we had to go through the painful End of the Rainbow bar. That thing is the epitome of ‘steamy crap’.

  • Don Pedro says:

    Damn, that’s an ugly comparison right there. That’s like debating which is better, hospital food to airline food. You’re right though, both buildings suck.

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