Bio-Weapon Unleashed – Society Crumbles in Plague Inc

So I was off once again to cause as much havoc and destruction to humanity as I possibly could and this time with the Bio-Weapon. I tried this a couple of times without success, but then I realized mu mistake.  This virus gets worse and worse as time progresses, so I needed to control the severity as it eradicated all the hosts before I was done. People were dropping like flies and it was all over too quickly.

Once the plague was in full swing, then it was time to turn up the heat. I used the Transmission vehicles of Air and Water until it was a Bioaerosol and kept heading over to the Abilities screen to use Gene Compression to keep things in check.

Of course this is the good part of the tree since the ultimate goal is to reach the Annihilate Gene. Everyone was infected pretty easily and once I flicked the switch, it was lights out for everybody. The points racked up really quickly and running through Abilities was pretty easy.

I managed to stay ahead of the cure quite nicely too. Not a bad run I must admit. It took me a lot less tries to work this one out than the Necroa Virus. That one was the devil!

Now, I only have one more to conquer, the Simian virus, but it looks wildly complicated. I don’t expect to complete that one for a while.



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