Humanity falls victim to my Nano-Virus in Plague Inc

2015-04-08_00001After my hard fought and completely satisfying eradication of humanity with the Necroa Virus, I took up the mantle to decimate mankind with the Nano-Virus. Things really went according to play and it didn’t take me weeks of trying. My first attempt didn’t quite hit the mark as Greenland played it’s usual game of hard to get and remained the last outpost of survivors. Ah, but like a lot of things, my second time was much better and everyone fell in line and then just fell. I take great satisfaction in seeing that red ship make port on their shores.

The pace is slow in the beginning and I took the route of slowing the kill code. I hacked the frequency then pushed for more Cold and Heat resistance. For Transmssions I went with Air, Water and Blood. I also added the Drug Resistance and went with all the Symptoms I could get my hands on. Those people were leaking and dripping from every end by the time I was done with them.

Once everyone was infected, I went with Total Organ Failure and that was all she wrote. The toll clicked up pretty quick and devistation ensued. Not a bad showing after all the troulble I had with the Necroa Virus. Next up will be the Bio Hazard which I took a stab at, but once again, Greenland proved elusive, but mark my words, I will get them next time.

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