Playing Plague a day keeps the contagion away

image_thumb2[1] You know, there is something amusing about playing Plague during the workday as you select Transmission types and Symptoms and listen to all the sneezing, sniffling, coughing, nose blowing and all sorts of other contagion related noises go on around you. At this time of year, the office is a Petri dish of bacteria with people who have colds, allergies, pink eye and who knows what else. Sort of makes me feel like the next symptom I pick might cause someone around me to drop out of their chair.

As the land masses start to turn red it makes you keenly aware that you need to wash your hands, grab some sanitizer and steer clear of people who are hacking all over their keyboard and mouse! Oh my goodness you dirty philistines!

So now is a great time to play Plague again. It’s cold and flu season and there is good fun to be had mocking the pain and suffering of those around you! And it makes for a lot of fun looks when people come over to see what your doing and see the whole planet turning red and you explain why. That’ll teach em to keep their germ infested distance!

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