Bunny Den Limited Time Building (LTB) – Building Payout and Upgrade Cost – Crime City

The next LTB is underway and to keep with the Easter theme, we have the Bunny Den. To be sure, they’re not hiding Easter eggs in there!

To put it bluntly, this is a big, ugly building with some less than stellar income potential. But it’s not the income that’s important, it’s the reward. Like the Epic Boss event with it’s extremely high level prizes, this building comes with one as well. For the effort you get the Bunny Heels which are 250,000 atk, 62,500 with 1% Armor Defense. The defense is shockingly bad in regards to the attack, but a damn nice prize no matter how you look at it.

It doesn’t come cheap though. The initial cost it $68.5 million with a total upgrade price of $17 billion. With upgrades you can scale that back to about $8 billion, which is still a hell of a lot to pay for a single weapon. And we all know you won’t make it to level 10 without gold and there is no additional prize even if you do.

So, is it worth it? It’s worth getting the weapons, but the building is rubbish. It’ll certainly help some of the lower income players which is always good, but it won’t add much to the bottom line for everyone else. It has a 12 hour collection time which is nice.

Base building cost and payout

Level Cost Income Hours
1 $68,500,000 $380,556 24
2 $114,395,000 $761,112 30
3 $191,039,650 $1,331,946 36
4 $319,036,216 $2,093,058 42
5 $532,790,480 $3,044,448 48
6 $889,760,101 $4,186,116 54
7 $1,485,899,369 $5,518,062 60
8 $2,481,451,947 $7,040,286 66
9 $4,144,024,751 $8,752,788 72
10 $6,920,521,334 $11,416,680 78
Total $17,147,418,848.00    

Building Payout with Modifiers

Level Payout +35% Payout +65%
1 $513,751 $627,917
2 $1,027,501 $1,255,835
3 $1,798,127 $2,197,711
4 $2,825,628 $3,453,546
5 $4,110,005 $5,023,339
6 $5,651,257 $6,907,091
7 $7,449,384 $9,104,802
8 $9,504,386 $11,616,472
9 $11,816,264 $14,442,100
10 $15,412,518 $18,837,522

Building Upgrade Cost with Modifiers

Level Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51%
2 $80,076,500 $56,053,550
3 $133,727,755 $93,609,429
4 $223,325,351 $156,327,746
5 $372,953,336 $261,067,335
6 $622,832,071 $435,982,449
7 $1,040,129,558 $728,090,691
8 $1,737,016,363 $1,215,911,454
9 $2,900,817,326 $2,030,572,128
10 $4,844,364,934 $3,391,055,454
Total $11,955,243,194 $8,368,670,236

LTB Sheet All Buildings!!!

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