Broadway Bowl Limited Time Building (LTB) – Building Payout and Upgrade Cost – Crime City

After a long, long wait, the new Broadway Bowl LTB is now out with an initial cost of $52 Million and a payout of $328283 every 12 hours. Lots of people are against 12 hour buildings, but my hood is a total hodge podge of buildings that it doesn’t really matter anymore. I have 1 hour buildings, 3 hour, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 18, 24, 26 and 48 hour collection times. Adding another 10 hour building to the mix doesn’t phase me.

However, how good is this building? Well, to upgrade fully is $13 Billion which is a ton. The payout is pretty reasonable at $24 Million, but I see some loss of income due to this getting robbed. You’ll easily miss one of the collection times. If you have modifiers, you can get $40 Million which puts it right in line with the Tree Lot. That makes it pretty good for building up your income, but there will be some losses.

You have to keep in mind, there are only 12 days to upgrade this to Level 10, which simply can’t be done. If you want to finish this on time, then get ready to hand over sacks full of gold, which I’m completely against. Putting a building out a week late and then shrinking the schedule, but leaving the build times at normal is a BS move.

The price for each level you complete is – Gutterball Kicks, 25,497 attack, 31,162 defense with 1% Melee defense. Supposedly accomplices come with this building. I haven’t seen that confirmed so don’t get too excited. And even if there are, due to the short schedule, it’s not like you will get the good ones without some serious gold spending.

Well, better get started and good luck.

(1) 20 /30 Gunsmith
(2) 40 / 30 Demolition
(3) 55 / 55 Driver
(4) 60 / 75 Muscle
(5) 90 / 90 Assassin
(6) 120 / 90 Tech Expert
(7) 135 / 135 Muscle
(8) 155 / 160 Driver
(9) 150 / 205 Assassin
(10) 250 / 250 Gunsmith

Base building cost and payout

Level Cost Income Hours
1 $52,000,000 $328,283 24
2 $86,840,000 $984,849 30
3 $145,022,800 $1,969,698 36
4 $242,188,076 $3,282,830 42
5 $404,454,087 $4,924,245 48
6 $675,438,325 $7,222,226 54
7 $1,127,982,003 $10,176,773 60
8 $1,883,729,945 $13,787,886 66
9 $3,145,829,008 $18,055,565 72
10 $5,253,534,444 $24,621,225 78
Total $13,017,018,688.00    

Building Payout with Modifiers

Level Payout +35% Payout +65%
1 $443,182 $541,667
2 $1,329,546 $1,625,001
3 $2,659,092 $3,250,002
4 $4,431,821 $5,416,670
5 $6,647,731 $8,125,004
6 $9,750,005 $11,916,673
7 $13,738,644 $16,791,675
8 $18,613,646 $22,750,012
9 $24,375,013 $29,791,682
10 $33,238,654 $40,625,021

Building Upgrade Cost with Modifiers

Level Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51%
2 $60,788,000 $42,551,600
3 $101,515,960 $71,061,172
4 $169,531,653 $118,672,157
5 $283,117,861 $198,182,503
6 $472,806,828 $330,964,779
7 $789,587,402 $552,711,181
8 $1,318,610,962 $923,027,673
9 $2,202,080,306 $1,541,456,214
10 $3,677,474,111 $2,574,231,878
Total $9,075,513,082 $6,352,859,157

If you want to fiddle with the number and align them to you personal modifiers, you can use this calculator posted by BrisingrBoss

Broadway Bowl from BrisingrBoss

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