A few more titles from the Steam Weeklong Sale – And a little bit of Plague

Apparently I’m a sucker for the 99 cent game. I was checking out the titles in the Steam Weeklong sale and found a couple of items that just jumped into my cart. Post Apocalyptic Mayhem (PAM), it’s DLC, Knights and Merchants and the whimsical little title called Trainz Trouble. Yes, I’m a sucker for train games as well. But hey, for a couple of dollars it looks like these could keep me entertained for quite awhile. It’s out of control cars and trains, who doesn’t want a piece of that action?

Of course there are still games like Arms Dealer to be investigated and I still need to get past the Necroa Virus in Plague. I’ve tried that damn level a dozen times now and I still can’t infect everyone. I thought I had it on my last attempt wherein I sent my zombie horde over to Iceland, but Z-Com set up a base in Poland and no matter how many zombies I sent over there, even in hordes of a hundred thousand, I still couldn’t get my zombie army and their contagion to take root.

I really thought I was getting the hang of things until I hit this damn level. I just can’t get those last stronghold to crumble…

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