Big Sale on 2K Games at Steam

The sales just keep on coming and this time around the 2K Games catalog is up for grabs. You can save up to 75% on their titles such as Civilization V, Bioshock, Borderlands and XCOM. This also includes all the DLC available for each game. I think I’m going to scoop up Bioshock Infinite and the Season Pass. That’s a damn good deal for $10.

The main page only lists a couple of games, in order to get to the other deals like Ace Patrol, Mafia and Duke Nukem you need to click one of the games and click the 2K Games publisher link. You’ll then get a list of everything they offer on Steam. It’s a good time to grab the DLC.

The sale runs until August 24th, so you have some time to scrape together some coins and get some new games.

2K Games sale at Steam

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