Dead Man’s Draw Rises Again in Tabletop Forms in a Successful Kickstarter Project

If you remember several months ago, Stardock put together a Kickstarter project to bring their Dead Man’s Draw card game to life. It’s a nice twist on card games that’s something different from poker and is available for both iOS and PC. It was so close to succeeding, but just missed the mark which was a damn shame. And that appeared to be the end of things. Until now. Stardock has regrouped and teamed up with Mayday Games to bring it to life and onto the table. Mayday has put together a Kickstarter project that’s already funded, so the game is a reality. The only thing left to do now is try to grab a copy.

There are limited edition boxes available for $20, or you buy 2 copies for $35. If you’re feeling super frisky, you can grab 10 copies for $100 ($10 per game is damn cheap).

This game is a lot of fun on the tablet and on the PC and I was so disappointed that is didn’t get turned into a physical game. But that’s all behind us now. The game is funded and is definitely a go. The only thing left to do is grab a copy and see what sort of stretch goals we can hit!

Dead Man’s Draw – Pirate Themed, Press Your Luck Card Game!!


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