It’s a banner day in Banished, I have chickens!

I’ve had some minor setbacks in Banished, such as a couple of fires, but that’s all behind me and I bask in the glory of my chicken purchases. Yes indeed, I was able to amass enough stone and iron to buy 3, count em 3, chickens. The long disused pasture will now be home to my flock of birds. This is a red letter day as I will now have eggs and chicken meat. I have come to see that stone is the major trading commodity in this game. Far more so than ale or coats. I have both of those in my market but none of the vendors seem to want them.

If my calculations are correct, the chickens should multiply over time and once I go over a certain level they will be used as food. This is my first attempt at herding so let’s see how it goes. Next up will be the purchase of some sheep and some cattle. I need a good supply of wool for coats and maybe I can trade it for some additional goods.

My tiny population is still coming along. They are a hearty lot who are working hard to scratch out an existence.

Seriously, Banished is a damn cool game.

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