Have iPad, Will Travel – From China to Alaska

It’s only been a few hours and my device has made significant progress across the globe. In the 24 hours since placing my order, the iPad had already made it’s way from China to Alaska. That just amuses me to no end. We can obviously travel across the continent in a day, but it’s still an impressive feat. Going back a few decades and such things were unheard of. You’re clearly not going to make that kind of progress with the horse and buggy of years gone by. Just think of it, back in the day, travelling 10 miles by horse was an all day adventure. Going to visit neighbors meant you were going to stay a few days because of the distance involved. I just find it funny that a device I selected while sitting at my desk, is located from the big warehouse (not generically pulled off the shelf, but a specific model), is then boxed up and loaded on some fast moving vessel and will arrive from nearly the other side of planet in less than 3 days. It was supposed to show up by the end of the week, but is on target to be here Monday.

It’s the little things that amuse me sometimes. And I’ll have a new device on Monday.

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