The Steam Summer Sale was Amazing! And it made me broke

Oh my goodness, thank goodness that Steam sale is over, I was about to go broke! There were so many awesome games on sale and I scooped up a ton of DLC for games already in my library. I got the entire AoE catalog, bought some add-ons for Tropico, got some new racing games like Bang Bang Racing, RC Cars, Hard Truck Apocalypse and then added some indie titles like Spelunky, Craft the World, Unepic and Steamworld Dig. Hey, when these games go on sale for $1.50, it’s really hard not to try them out.

I think one of the coolest games I got was Banished. I’ve made quite a few mistakes so far, but the game is turning out to be really awesome. I like City Builders like this so I plan to spend a whole lot of time trying to lift up my village. But wow, so many games, so many new things to try. I’m also really impressed with the number of Indie titles and Early Access games Steam is offering. There is some great stuff out there.

Next on my list will be the official release of SpinTires and the new golf game, The Golf Club. Been a long time since I played a golf game on the computer.

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