Looking for some racing action? Head over to Steam!

There’s a really good sale on racing games over at Steam right now. There has been a price drop on some excellent titles.
For example you can Assetto Corsa for $19, Victory Age of Racing for $7.50, Gas Guzzlers Extreme for $9.99, Loco Cycle for $2.49, Next Car Game for $22.49 and F1 2013 for $12.49 just to name a few. Some impressive deals there if you’re looking to build your collection.


If you have all the racing you need, there’s also Banished, AoE 2, Tropico 4, Civilization 4, Rome Total War and a slew of other titles. If you haven’t been watching there have been some fantastic sales. Not just a dollar or two, but massive 66-90% savings. Games that normally cost $30 for $5. That’s some good stuff right. Head on over and just give Steam your credit card.

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