Banished – It takes a village

I started my village over to try and recover from all the mistakes I made the first time around. Such is the way with these sorts of games. I have no doubt this started village will end in tears as well. But, I made what I thought was decent progress. I managed to build a house for each citizen to shelter them from the elements and stockpiled fish, stone, iron, logs and firewood. I only have a few villagers to choose from so allocated jobs is a little tricky. I did manage to get a tailor set up, but I think I made a mistake by setting up a pasture when I have no livestock. Ooops. I’m clearcutting the hell out of the forest and I’m not sure 1 person allocated for forestry is going to undo the damage I’m causing. It is neat that trees will regrow and baby animals will appear. I think my biggest accomplishment was placing the trading post. I have a farm, which yields pepper so now I might be able to get some more seeds for many crops. This should also let me get livestock and chickens. Now, when these merchants will discover my village and appear is a mystery.

I’m starting to uncover the depth of what Banished has to offer. So far I’ve made shelter and just started to get food resources. But there is so much more I need to accomplish. I looked at the Wiki and see the huge list of resources and jobs available. The list of jobs and resources is quite staggering. It sort of reminds me of some of the things you can do in Minecraft, but there is a lot more on tap in Banished.

I know some people will see this game and say, "where’s the combat?" Well, there isn’t any. It’s like a microcosmic version of SimCity. You don’t just slap up a building or zone some area and expect people to show up. You get 15 people, that’s it. You have to protect them yet allocate them to different jobs to make sure you have food and housing. It actually takes a bit of juggling to get things moving and if things go wrong you’ll have to start over almost immediately because you don’t have enough people to keep going.

If you’re looking for world domination, this isn’t it. Grab ya some AoE!But if you like the resource gathering of AoE then Banished will be fun for you.

For a one man studio the graphics are quite pleasant, the music is calm and soothing and there is something satisfying about the crack of the falling timber and the sound of the pickaxe digging out the stone. I’m really looking forward to moving up to the big leagues of having a quarry and starting a mine. And maybe one day I will get livestock. I’ve watched some of the videos and seen the screenshots and can’t wait to build my own little sprawling metropolis. That’s quite off into the future though. This game is all about the baby steps.

There are quite a few places selling Banished. You can pick it up from Steam or GOG or from the developer himself. Steam had it for $9.99 the other day when I grabbed it and now has it for $9.99.

I would also suggest you head over to the Banished Wiki and check out everything that’s available. Don’t turn away because there isn’t any combat. There is still plenty to do and plenty to control in this game.

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