Looking for some racing fun? Steam Summer Sale has that covered too!

This Steam Summer sale could very well bankrupt me. After picking up a few new games like Rise of Venice, Banished, Contagion and the Age of Empire series, I decided to check out what was on offer in the racing department. I never should have gone there. There is a ton on sale including Assetto Corsa, Next Car Game, Loco Cycle, Extreme Gas Guzzlers, F1 2013, Victory Age of Racing, the FlatOut Series, Hard Truck Apocalypse, Real World Racing, WRC World Rally Championship, Grid 2, Dirt 3, Zombie Driver HD and so much more. If you’re looking to get behind the wheel and race something you need to jump in on this sale. I already have a lot of these games, but there are plenty more to get. There are a couple of racers that are absolutely dirt cheap. How can I not check them out?

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day of racing!!!

Jump to it gang!

Racing Games in the Steam Summer Sale

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