Rise of Nations Extended Edition Now Available on Steam

Even more good news, Rise of Nations Extended Edition is now available on Steam. I got the original version several months ago and had one hell of a time playing. It ended quite badly with the threat of nuclear weapons, but that’s another story. It was great to be back in the genre of the RTS and after checking out the updated edition of Age of Empires I decided to order RoN. Well, the pre-order is over and the full game is available. And for $20 you get both the original game and the Thrones and Patriots Expansion  pack. That should give you plenty of civilations to play and lots of troop movement.

One of the main things I loved about RoN and AoE was that you didn’t have to play multiplayer to have a good time. You could play on your own against 1 to 7 other opponents. You could go for Easy to get your skills up and then go all in for Hard and fend off the invading army within 15 minutes. If you grew tired of that you could hit the local network for a LAN party and see who was the last man standing. RoN also provided a Risk like map that you could conquer through a series of wins. It had so much gameplay to keep you coming back for more. And since each civilization had their own strengths and weaknesses, each game was always unique. Most games today don’t have that same sort of variance.

This new version also comes with Twitch.tv streaming and real multiplayer through Steam. If you miss the old RTS games like I do this is well worth the purchase.

Rise of Nations Extended Edition Now Available on Steam


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