Mikes Tattoo Palace – Limited Time Building (LTB) Payout and Upgrade Costs – Crime City

With the Syndicate Event over it’s time to move to a new Limited Time Building and with that we have Mike’s Tattoo Palace. This is a small building with a 4×4 footprint and an initial cost of $140 million. That is a pretty steep initial investment and without any modifiers this building escalates pretty quickly. If you take this to Level 10 it will cost a mere $35 billion. That’s national debt style money. But anyway, crazy high prices. However, if you happen to have some modifiers you might be able to float this for only $17 billion. Egad, that ain’t cheap!

So what’s the prize for this massive outlay of cash? It’s the Poisoned Ink (27,325A/14712D) with stackable +1% Armor Attack. At the lower levels that doesn’t bad, but that is a crap weapon for a billion dollars. Come on Gree, what’s the deal here?

Also, from an economics standpoint this building will cost $35 billion and return $27 million. At that rate you’ll never pay this building off. So, at best this is a Level 6 building. After that it just gets kind of silly. But hey, that’s just me. Upgrade it like you stole it!

Cost Payout Hours
1 $140,000,000 $918,635 24
2 $233,800,000 $1,837,270 30
3 $390,446,000 $3,215,223 36
4 $652,044,820 $5,052,493 42
5 $1,088,914,849 $7,349,080 48
6 $1,818,487,799 $10,104,985 54
7 $3,036,874,624 $13,320,208 60
8 $5,071,580,621 $16,994,748 66
9 $8,469,539,637 $21,128,605 72
10 $14,144,131,190 $27,559,050 78
Total Cost  $      35,045,819,540    


Payout and Upgrade Cost with Modifiers

Level Payout +35% Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51%
1 $1,240,157    
2 $2,480,315 $163,660,000 $114,562,000
3 $4,340,551 $273,312,200 $191,318,540
4 $6,820,866 $456,431,374 $319,501,962
5 $9,921,258 $762,240,394 $533,568,276
6 $13,641,730 $1,272,941,459 $891,059,022
7 $17,982,281 $2,125,812,237 $1,488,068,566
8 $22,942,910 $3,550,106,435 $2,485,074,504
9 $28,523,617 $5,928,677,746 $4,150,074,422
10 $37,204,718 $9,900,891,833 $6,930,624,283
Total Cost   $24,434,073,678 $17,103,851,575

Mike’s Tattoo Palace

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