Google Becomes the Most Valuable Brand in the World

Google pushes past Apple and becomes the most valuable brand in the world with assets of $158 billion. Egad, that is an insane amount of money! Who the hell can count that high? Apple drops to a mere $147 billion. Oh my goodness, they’re nearly bankrupt aren’t they?!

Seriously, that is an incredibly amount of wealth between these two companies, but that’s the tip of the list. IBM holds #3 with $107 billion and MS in #4 with $90 billion. Isn’t that a bit of irony, Big Blue has jumped ahead of their old rival Microsoft. We’re still talking billions and billions of dollars in profit, but that has got to have a bit of sting to it.

You know, we’re talking about half a trillion dollars here. Damn.

Google Skips Ahead of Apple as Most Valuable Brand in the World

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