Tsars Teahouse – New Limited Time Building (LTB) Cost and Upgrade

The Syndicate Battle is over so it’s time for a new LTB and look what we have this time around – The Tsars Teahouse. It’s a moderately small building, but there is nothing cheap about the cost. The initial cost is $125 million with a payout of $1,653,000 every 24 hours. That’s not too shabby. But check out the upgrade costs. Without any modifiers this little beauty will cost you $31 Billion to upgrade to Level 10. Under the best of circumstances it will cost you $15 Billion to finsh off. But, at the high end, the Payout is $50 million every day or $66 million with Payout modifiers.

Like so many of the other buildings, it looks like I’ll only be able to take this one to Level 7 before I tap out. Or I may go with another strategy this time. Since I obviously won’t make it to the end, I was thinking of buying 2 of these and alternating the upgrades. I have far too many buildings at Level 7 or 8 and then Level 1. I might try to balance them out a little more this time around. It may not be the best strategy, but let’s see how it goes this time around.

And the prize for each level?

Cosack’s Car
(23,761A / 15,850D)
+1% Car Attack

Level Cost Payout Hours
1 $125,000,000 $1,653,000 24
2 $208,750,000 $3,306,000 30
3 $348,612,500 $5,785,500 36
4 $582,182,875 $9,091,500 42
5 $972,245,401 $13,224,000 48
6 $1,623,649,820 $18,183,000 54
7 $2,711,495,200 $23,968,500 60
8 $4,528,196,983 $30,580,500 66
9 $7,562,088,962 $38,019,000 72
10 $12,628,688,567 $49,590,000 78
Total Cost  $      31,290,910,308    

Payout and Upgrade Costs with Modifiers

Payout +35% Upgrade -30% Upgrade -51%
$4,463,100 $146,125,000 $102,287,500
$7,810,425 $244,028,750 $170,820,125
$12,273,525 $407,528,013 $285,269,609
$17,852,400 $680,571,781 $476,400,246
$24,547,050 $1,136,554,874 $795,588,412
$32,357,475 $1,898,046,640 $1,328,632,648
$41,283,675 $3,169,737,888 $2,218,816,522
$51,325,650 $5,293,462,273 $3,705,423,591
$66,946,500 $8,840,081,997 $6,188,057,398
  $21,816,137,216 $15,271,296,051

Tsars Teahouse Building and Upgrade Costs

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