I have unleashed all the Plagues in Plague Inc for iPad

imageSo I’ve put Crime City aside to focus on something far more entertaining – Plague Inc. Last night I completed the last round of the plagues and finished off the world with the Bio-Weapon. I have to admit my scores haven’t been that good, but it’s all about wiping out the world, not getting a high score. To that end, I’ve accomplished all my goals!

I will say that Plague is one of the best games I’ve played and it’s wickedly good fun and satisfying. I’m very tempted to spend the money to get the Neurax Worm for the iPad version, but at the same time I might hold off since I have that available on the PC version I got from Steam. I suppose I could go with the alternative, but I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge of playing on Brutal, I’ll just get my ass handed to me.

I’m also curious to see the Necroa Virus and make some zombies, so most likely I’ll be switching over to the desktop version for those.

Regardless, Plague is awesome! I’m having one hell of a time playing it. I played the Neurax Worm on the desktop version and it was pretty damn cool. It took longer than expected to complete my mission, but I won in the end and I got the thrill of taking over people’s minds and forcing them to fly to new areas just to infect it. I was also impressed with the new UI for that plague and the new Transmission, Symptom and Ability items. I was thrown for a bit of a loop since I’d never seen any of that before.

As an aside, I’ve launched all my attacks from India. The population density combined with both airport and seaport works well for me.

If you haven’t played, it’s well worth the price no matter which version you choose. I was actually playing while watching Hannibal the other night, those was nearly an overdose of carnage!

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