Some GoDaddy codes for Domain Hosting and Domain Registration

So in the midst of working on some sites and domains with a buddy, we needed to find a GoDaddy coupon to try and save some money on both a hosting plan and domain registration. If we were new customers it would be easy, but we’ve been around before and a working renewal code seems a little harder to come by. But after a TON of trial and error we came across two that worked for what we wanted.

To renew a hosting plan we used CHH20 to get a 20% discount. This isn’t as good as a starting up a new plan, but it shaved off enough to make it worth while. We couldn’t find anything in the 50% or even 30% off range, so 20% will have to do.

For the domain registration we went through dozens of permutations with $1 for the initial year and several other variations. Those are good for 1 or 2 years, but when you hit 5 or 10 years when the price is $9.99 a year, they aren’t as good anymore. We finally came up with odd sounding MMANUTS1 which gave us the domain for $7.99 across the board.

We did find that DB99CENTS was a good one for a short period – 5 years since you get the first year for $1. These might help you out since domain renewals are always coming up. If you happen to have a working code for hosting renewals please let me know. And if you have a better coupon for registration we’d all love to hear about it.

Good luck!

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