Save 33% on Assetto Corsa on Steam – $26.65

Another Early Access game is on sale at Steam. Assetto Corsa gets a nice 33% discount and drops to $26.65. I’ve been waiting for another sale on this game. I didn’t get a copy the last time aroud simply because there wasn’t enough content in the game to justify the cost. At the time $29.95 got you a single car and a single track. Plus the game was incredibly limited. Even though it was Early Access, the cost didn’t justify the end result.

But things have changed. Assetto Corsa has been massively updated since then with dozens of new cars and plenty of tracks. It’s still early days, but I’ve watched a lot of videos and this game is looking spectacular. The graphics are already impressive, the driving AI is coming along nicely and overall it looks very playable. There are some glitches here and there, but that’s to be expected – it’s still under development.

I just grabbed my copy and will install this as soon as the work day is done. I’m really excited to give this a try for myself instead of just watching from the sidelines. If you don’t have a copy now is a great time to get one. Who knows if this discount is going to come around again. The game is advancing quickly so there is plenty of driving fun to be had before the release.

Assetto Corsa Early Access on Steam


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