Issues with Norton Internet Security 2014 Toolbar and Firefox 27 Update

The new version of Firefox was giving me grief about the Norton Toolbar plugin. It kept saying I needed an updated version yet NIS 2014 says it was up to date. I needed 2014.6.5.1. Turns out there was a bit more to the issue, but it’s easily fixed.

Right click the NIS icon and click Run LiveUpdate. Let it download any needed updates. It might look like it’s just downloading AV updates, but it’s doing more. It may take several minutes to run the update and install the patches. One of them took about 10 minutes and made my system look like it was hung.

I ran LiveUpdate 3 times before it grabbed the new Toolbar Update. I assume Check for New Version is looking for Major updates, while LiveUpdate is looking for the Minor ones.

If you run into the problem while updating Firefox, just keep hitting LiveUpdate. It should eventually sort itself out.



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