Let’s Go Crazy Behind the Handlebars of LocoCycle

It’s time to jump on board the LocoCycle, a wickedly outrageous motorcycle combat simulator. Not combat while riding a motorcycle, but a motorcycle that is capable of martial arts combat movies.  IRIS, who recently became self aware after a heavy bolt of lightning ends up in garage of mechanic Pablo and discovers the Freedom Festival in California and takes to the open road to meet up with her like-minded brethren. Pablo, gets drafted into taking the journey with IRIS since he’s caught in the motorcycle chassis. His pant leg and boot are made of some hearty stuff and his undies must be fireproof.

Thus begins the adventures of Iris and Pablo. But this is a rogue motorcycle and the G-Men want her back. It’s going to be a wild ride amigos! I have to admit, I’ve never done martial arts move with a motorcycle against a jetpack wearing nemesis. This is the intro and the first mission – which I did very poorly on I’m sad to admit. But I’ll be back for another round!

LocoCycle on Steam – http://store.steampowered.com/app/224040/

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