Let’s Check Out The New Update for Next Car Game – February Update

Hello and welcome to the latest update for Next Car Game. Things have been a little quiet, but the lads over at BigBear Entertainment have been busy. This is the February 15th release that includes a new track – the Figure 8, a new car – The American Sedan, some new paint schemes and a quite a few changes to the game itself including ABS, Anti Spin and much more traction control. The car has a much different feel and with the driving aids turned on it’s a lot hard to lose control. They might be dampened a bit too much, but that can always be changed. The game is coming along really nicely and I take a spin across all four tracks including the new Figure 8 to see what sort of damage I can cause as well as avoid. Things are looking and playing well. Log into Steam to get your latest update and let me know what you think in the comments.

There is still a lot more to come for this title. There is a whole car market, repairs and lots of other placeholders that will eventually be filled in. The price for Next Car Game has jumped back up a bit. If you didn’t grab it while it was on sale, that’s too bad. No idea if another one is coming, but I like the way it’s turning out. I’m having a pretty good time crashing this thing!

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