Ending Eros McBride Epic Boss, What is Love Gold Digging Hoe – Crime City

So we have a new event on our hands, and Epic Boss Event with Eros McBride that has both individual prizes and a Syndicate prize. If you defeat Eros McBride 300 times in a single day you will the Gold Digging Hoe – and who doesn’t want to have one of those?

But there are also prizes for your individual wins against Eros. You’ll get the prize for winning the battle and for total number of wins. Beat Eros 100 times on your own and will walk away with McBride’s Cruiser which has 115950/94868 Atk/Def and +15% Car Attack. That’s a nice little bonus. Once you defeat Eros with your Syndicate, you get the Gold Digging Hoe which is 20422/20422 Atk/Def with +2% Melee Attack. So another nice modifier.

I normally like the Epic Boss Event because it’s a nice way to rack up some decent prizes. If you’re with a good Syndicate you really build your stats. This doesn’t quite make up for some of the other junk Gree has put in the game, but it’s a decent event.


Level Reward Atk/Def
1 Kneady Killer 160/196
3 Camo Machine Pistol 267/267
6 Arm Protection 489/400
10 Makeout Hill King 574/861
15 Out of the Park 1076/1076
21 Green Groza 1830/1220
28 Explore the Bass 1871/2287
36 Eros’ Wild Ride 2713/2713
45 Club Hopper 3780/3092
50 Custom 9mm 3427/5141
55 McGyve Bomb 5196/5195
60 Extra Padding 7438/4958
65 Make a Chicken Set 6615/8086
70 Eros’ Dragunov 8544/8544
75 Undercover Bomb 10814/8847
80 Skull Protector 8967/13451
85 Suped Up Z Class 12678/12678
90 Be Mine Gun 17088/11392
95 Party Explosive 17483/14304
100 60% Protection, Every time 60636/49612
  +10% Armor Attack  
  McBride’s Cruiser +15% Car Attack 115950/94868
  What is Love Golden Hoe 20422/20422
  +2% Melee Defense  


Eros McBride Epic Boss by Assault and Flattery

The Loot Items

Rarity Name Boss Level Atk/Def
Common Jump the Shark 1 to 30 110/135
Common Back Stabber 1 to 30 127/126
Common Rusty Assault Rifle 1 to 30 147/121
Uncommon Enemy Claymore 1 to 20, 31 to 60 226/338
Uncommon Nightvision Goggles 1 to 20, 31 to 60 290/290
Uncommon Bush Trimmer 1 to 20, 31 to 60 357/238
Rare Golden SIG 1 to 10, 21 to 50, 71 to 90 549/672
Rare Flint Explosive 1 to 10, 21 to 50, 71 to 90 626/626
Rare Urban Job 1 to 10, 21 to 50, 71 to 90 706/577
Super Rare Fast Times Car 11 to 40, 61 to 80, 91 to 100 1013/1519
Super Rare Bloody M240 11 to 40, 61 to 80, 91 to 100 1305/1305
Super Rare Boom Shaker 11 to 40, 61 to 80, 91 to 100 1612/1075
Epic Runaway Jetpack 41 to 70, 81 to 100 2475/3026
Epic Tiger Strike Car 41 to 70, 81 to 100 2828/2828
Epic Royal Hand 41 to 70, 81 to 100 3197/2615
Legendary McBride’s Clubs 71 to 100 4463/6694
Legendary Dapper Gent’s Coat 71 to 100 5734/5733
Legendary Heartbreak Destroyer 71 to 100 7067/4711

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