I’m sick to death of being robbed by punk ass rivals with half my stats – Crime City

Up to this point, Crime City has been somewhat annoying, but these new changes to the rivals list is downright pissing me off. I’m sick to death of being robbed by rivals who barely have half my stats. How in the hell does someone with 3 million attack rob someone with over 6 million defense? What the hell is wrong with this game? I don’t really care about being robbed, it happens. I’ve been put in the gutter by guys and gals with 10 million attack and I accept that. But getting robbed by someone who’s nowhere near close to me has me on the verge of removing the game once and for all.

I’ve put up with a lot of crap in this game. I’ve ignored a LOT of stupid mistakes and ludicrous events. But this is going too far. If anyone and everyone can now rob me, pretty much regardless of level or stats, what’s the point of playing the game?

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3 Responses to I’m sick to death of being robbed by punk ass rivals with half my stats – Crime City

  • Dave Davis says:

    Get STRONG.

  • Mr. Anderson says:

    In other words spend money. It’s bogus Don and Dave David is probably a Greedy employee. You can get stronger and stronger and will just be put in a pool with those just as strong as you…it’s pointless unless spending ridiculous amounts of money and time on this game is up your alley. I should have dropped this game a long time ago.

  • browers says:

    Quit moaning and live in the real world, Art of war rules, we have the money we take no shit we destroy the filth

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