Let’s Take a Drive in Turbo Dismount

I quite literally just bought the Early Access copy of Turbo Dismount from Steam and went to town playing this "Ragdoll" style simulator. Turbo Dismount is by Secret Exit and is a follow up to Stair Dismount, which I never played. The goal, like "Kick the Boss" style games is to cause as much damage and carnage to Mr. Dismount as possible. Your weapons of choice include multiple cars such as convertible cars, semi trucks, big wheel monster trucks, a fire truck and even a tricycle and shopping cart. You obstacles include ramps, turbo pads, brick walls, solid walls, half-pipes, road bumps and some standard jumps. You can also pose Mr. Dismount. He doesn’t have to just sit in the car behind the wheel. He’s just as happy to sit on the roof, hang off the side, grab the rear bumper or do his Jean Claude Van Damme splits on the roof of the semi.

As mentioned this is the Early Access version so there isn’t a whole lot of goals or achievements. Actually, there are none. Right now you just try and get as many points as possible. That alone can make you spend several hours scheming up new ways of causing havoc. I think I spent 30 minutes trying to get the highest jump using the half-pipe. I sat there trying all sorts of combinations for each level and the time slipped by without me even knowing it. That’s the mark of a good game right there.

Anyway, Turbo Dismount is available at Steam for a mere $6.99. They just released an update today that corrects some issues with the scoring. Just keep in mind, Early Access is another word for "Beta". This is an incomplete game which is sure to have bugs and issues. But even in it’s current form you should have a lot of fun devising ways of putting Mr. Dismount in danger.

Check out my video below of some of my highlights as I go through the different levels.

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