Dirt 3 on Sale at Steam for a mere $6.24

imageThe hits at the Steam sale just keep on coming. Now Steam has one of my favorite titles on sale again for just over $5. Dirt 3 by Codemasters is on sale in the Steam "Flash Sale". There’s just over 6 hours left to grab this title for a mere $6.24. It’s normally priced at $24.99. That’s a huge savings for an awesome game. And Dirt 3 isn’t some scaled down game that nobody wants. It’s a huge environment with Rally, Gymkhana, Stadium courses and plenty of other driving styles. It features impressive graphics, controller support, and multiple monitors. If you were paying attention, I put Dirt 2 across 3 27 inch monitors and it look cool as hell.

If you’re looking for some racing action this is a must have. The Dirt series is wicked good fun and you can’t beat this price. You will need to hurry, this is a Flash Sale and it’ll be over in a couple of hours.

Dirt 3 on Sale at Steam for a mere $6.24

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