UPS fails to make their Christmas Eve deliveries

In an odd twist, I just got an email from Amazon about a book delivery that’s not going to show up today. It wasn’t meant to be a Christmas gift, it was just scheduled for delivery. Oh well, not that big a deal. I thought this was an isolated incident, but low and behold this had become a nationwide epidemic and article after article is being written about UPS dropping the ball and ruining Christmas for scores of people. But let’s be fair. If you order something last minute don’t shoot the messenger when it shows up late. You have to expect that at the busiest time of the year something can easily go wrong and your package will go astray. Don’t get all bent out of shape and start heaping hate on UPS. 99.9% of the time they nail the delivery dates exactly like they’re supposed to. I wouldn’t be surprised if people like me ordering stuff from Amazon shifted the balance and caused everything to crash.

In this time of peace and good will, don’t get upset, plan better.

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