Holiday Snowballs / Seasons Griefings LTQ Reward and Prize List – Crime City

Here we have another holiday inspired event, The Seasons Griefings. Since we all go so good at prehitting the regular characters, Gree has introduced a whole new set of characters to make things more challenging. Remember, if you aren’t spending gold, you’re just not having a good time.

But here is the reward list for those that want to give it a shot. It all seems easy with 2 hits here, 3 hits there. But we all know this is going to turn into 30 hits at 300 energy a piece. And since this is Season’s Griefings I, we all know this is more to come. I’ll casually work on this one. No need to get all worked up about it. I’ve never been able to finish one of these new events. I’ll take the prizes as they come.

Good Luck!

Goal Reward Atk/Def Req
1 of 21 Snow Duck 163/163 3 Snowballs
2 of 21  Frost Blocker 270/329 7 Snowballs
3 Candy Shank 358/358 11
4 Winter SMG 506/466 16
5 Radiant Destroyer 885/724 21
6 Mud Slasher 413/351 26
7 Black Ice Mask 500/499 31
8 Ice Climber 616/546 36
9 Shining Star 1100/864 41
10 Yard Décor 648/701 46
11 Snow Storm 659/910 51
12 Ice Shoes 902/1351 56
13 Twinkly Death 2123/2039 61
14 Happy Head Hunter 1295/1059 66
15 High Roller 1542/1422 71
16 Mr. Plow 2300/3176 81
17 Holiday Holdup 3103/3792 91
18 Coffin Topper 7389/6294 101
19 Bloody Red Ryder 5014/5014 111
20 Terror Sleigh 15201/10133 121
21 Snow Patrol 56663/29189 140

You can read more about it and all the witty banter players have to offer by going here:

Holiday Snowballs / Seasons Griefings LTQ Reward and Prize List by Assault and Flattery

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