Teracopy Pro – 50% Off at BitsDuJour

If you work with large files or just a ton of them then TeraCopy will make moving and copying them around so much easier. TeraCopy is small utility that does a much better of job of handling the file copy process than Windows does. In fact, TeraCopy should just be included in Windows. If Microsoft wants to make some improvements to their OS, they should take a cue from TeraCopy.

The last time it went on sale I bought a copy, but used the free version for at least a year before that. I use it copy hundreds of gigs between external drives and across network between my machines at home. And yes, that is hundreds of gigs. My copy of the Tour de France alone is almost 300GB. I needed to move it from one drive to another. TeraCopy gives you just the right amount of detail in a small compact size. It can easily pick back up if something goes wrong and it barely takes any resources. It’s also a lot more accurate in how long something will take to copy.

You can also queue up dozens of jobs and it will move files between different targets and sources. And unlike the standard file copy, it waits for one job to complete before moving on to the next so you don’t end up with a mess.

It’s definitely worth the $10 for those of us with terabytes worth of space.

TeraCopy Pro $9.95 at BitsDuJour


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