Katina Carver Epic Boss Event Prize List – Crime City

The Katina Carver Boss Event is both a Syndicate and Individual Event. You’ll receive the prizes listed below for the number of defeats against Katina. Also, your Syndicate needs to defeat Katina 300 times each day and you’ll win the Star Spangled Bomber explosive 10407 attack and defense. You have 5 chances to complete the Out Carve the Carver Event. Collect the whole set and that’s a nice little explosive bonus for you. And let’s not forget there are some prizes after each boss defeat. This should be a nice way to increase your fighting prowess for the upcoming battle.

Good Luck!

Round 3 Reward Atk/Def
1 Katina’s Bracer 94/115
3 Katina’s Left Desponer 157/157
6 Katina’s Secret 288/235
10 Katina’s Cocktail 335/502
15 Katina’s Leg Cuts 628/527
21 Till Death 1067/711
28 Rockin Plymouth 1083/1323
36 Lead Stuffing 1569/1569
45 Petulant Pie 2186/1766
50 Rare Chop 1966/2950
55 Oven Mitts 2981/2981
60 Tryto-Van 4267/2845
65 Side Disher 3765/4602
70 Fiery Fry Pot 4864/4863
75 Carcass Cutter 6155/5036
80 Carver’s Face 5104/7656
85 Katina’s Slip 7212/7212
90 Backup Broiler 9727/6485
95 Turkey Leg 9952/8142
100 Katina’s Carvers +10% Melee Attack 45111/36909

Read more about the prize list here

Katina Carver Prizes

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