Upgrade to Audials One 11 for $29 – 50% Off

Audials has just recently released a new version of their music and video capture, player, converter, podcast and radio station app, Audials One. I got Audials One back in June with the intent of copying the Tour de France 2013. And it worked like a charm. Since then I’ve recorded multiple shows from Amazon, found some great music, and tuned in some great radio stations. This really is a pretty sweet piece of software.

Audials One is actually the culmination of Tunebite, Moviebox, Radiotracker and Mediaraptor. It pretty much lets you tune in to just about every piece of media out there.

The retail price is about $80 with usual discounts putting it at $60. That’s not a bad price, but I can do better. I bought my original copy through Avanquest with a 30% discount and they’re offering the upgrade for $30. That is a nice 50% savings.

If you listen to music or stream movies this is a tool worth looking into. Audials does frequent updates and I’ve been very happy with the way it works. The new version offers more HD Stream capabilities which I plan to put to the test.

Get your discounted copy by clicking the link below.

Upgrade to Audials One 11 for $29

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